In fact, when they heard that their sister had nightmares every day and couldn’t rest well, they wanted to go to the Lu family to see her for themselves.

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However, Lu Bochuan stopped them and said that their sister didn’t want to see them, so they gave up the idea of going to the Lu family.

Thinking about it now, Lu Bochuan must have thought that the members of the Du family were so dumb in his mind back then!

And yet, they believed his nonsense so easily.
If they weren’t dumb, what were they?

“No, no, I’ve never asked Lu Bochuan to come to the Du family, let alone have that kind of nightmare.
This is my home, the home I’ve been thinking about.
How would I have that kind of nightmare?”

Knowing that Lu Bochuan not only schemed against her, but also her family, Du Xiangjun almost lost her mind.
The resentment she had for Lu Bochuan in her heart peaked at this moment.

“Lu Bochuan, Lu Bochuan, I’m going to kill him!”

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Du Xiangjun’s eyes were red.
She suddenly got up and wanted to rush out, looking like she was going to kill Lu Bochuan at the hospital.

“Xiao Jun!”

Old Lady Du and the others were startled and they quickly wanted to stop her.

Lu Zijia was agile.
She stopped her first and whispered in Du Xiangjun’s ears at the same time, “Mom, it’s not worth it for that kind of person to pay for his life.
Trust me, I’ll find a way to make him suffer more than dying.”

“Really?” Du Xiangjun suddenly looked up at her daughter with hope in her red eyes.

Lu Zijia nodded with a smile.
I’ll let you see what happens to him with your own eyes by then, alright?”

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“Alright, alright!”

Du Xiangjun repressed herself so hard that her body started trembling slightly and tears fell from her eyes again.

Old Lady Du and the others didn’t know what Lu Zijia said, but seeing that their daughter (sister) seemed to calm down, they finally felt a bit relieved.

That night, Du Xiangjun stayed at the Du family, while Lu Zijia rushed back to the old mansion of the Mu family.

The Feng Shui of the Du family could be solved soon, but it wouldn’t be so easy to bring a company back from the dead.

However, it would be different if there was a treasure with obvious effects.

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Cultivators in the cultivation world didn’t have to worry about getting tanned, getting pimples or getting fat, because as long as they cultivated diligently and circulated spiritual power in their bodies, they could achieve the effect of removing poison in the human body.

People in this world didn’t have such an ability, so both men and women had all kinds of troubles, such as getting pimples, getting fat and leaving scars.

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According to the original host’s memories, both men and women in this world were very willing to spend money on beauty and skincare.
They could be said to be willing to spend a fortune.

As long as she could make whitening cream, spot removal cream, acne removal cream or something, she would be rich! She wouldn’t have to worry about not having ghosts to catch anymore!

The more Lu Zijia thought about it, the more she thought it was feasible.
Before the sky was completely bright the next day, she went out to find herbs ambitiously and spiritedly.

However, she was a bit unlucky when she went out today.
She got stuck in traffic on her way early in the morning!

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“Ah, the fans nowadays are too crazy.
They even dare to run around on the main road.
They really don’t want their lives anymore.”

The driverm, who came back after getting out of the car to walk around, frowned and kept shaking her head as she exclaimed.

Seeing her like this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but ask, “Madam, what’s going on ahead? Why is there a traffic jam early in the morning?”

There wasn’t any dark energy or the smell of blood around, so it shouldn’t be a car accident.

However, why was there a traffic jam all of a sudden? She was in a hurry right now!

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