Being picked up like a chicken again and again, Ye Nanxi also lost her temper.
Her mouth opened and closed constantly, but she couldn’t say a word.

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Realizing that she still couldn’t speak, a hint of panic finally appeared on Ye Nanxi’s face.

Lu Zijia ignored her panic and directly dragged her to a fan who passed by anxiously.

Ye Nanxi, who was caught off guard and came face to face with her fans: “!!!”


The fan glanced at the fist that suddenly reached in front of her eyes and glanced at Lu Zijia inexplicably.

Lu Zijia calmly pulled Ye Nanxi, who was so scared that she broke out in cold sweat, back.

That fan glanced at Lu Zijia as if she was crazy, then left in a hurry and continued to look for her idol.

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Ye Nanxi, who walked past in front of her fan just like that as she watched the fan look for her crazily: “???”

Was this person not her fan? But that wasn’t right.
If she wasn’t her fan, why was she holding her poster?

For a second, Ye Nanxi was dumbfounded.
She was even more dumbfounded than the driver just then.

“They can’t see you.
Follow me.”

Lu Zijia let her go this time and walked ahead first, as if she wasn’t afraid that Ye Nanxi wouldn’t follow her.

And as she expected, Ye Nanxi really followed her quickly after a while.

As if she was confirming Lu Zijia’s words, Ye Nanxi walked past those fans one after another patiently.
In the end, she purely found it fun.

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When she got tired of playing, Ye Nanxi hopped and walked next to Lu Zijia, opening and closing her mouth, as if she was asking Lu Zijia why people couldn’t see her.

Lu Zijia was expressionless as she continued to ignore her and walk forward, making her feel frustrated alone.

She wasted her time and used one of her talismans.
She even forced her to get out of the car and walk to find another taxi, and she wanted her to treat her nicely? No way!

However, this superstar was truly bold.
She dared to go with her without knowing who she was and wasn’t afraid of being sold.

After walking to a dead end, Lu Zijia removed the effect of the Invisibility Talisman on Ye Nanxi’s head.

“Ah, why did you hit me again?”

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Ye Nanxi, who was smacked on the head by Lu Zijia again, covered her head reflexively and complained with a frown.

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“Eh??? I can talk now!” Ye Nanxi, who was slow-witted, had excitement all over her exquisite face.

“If you want someone to recognize you, hop around.”

Seeing that Ye Nanxi was going to perform another dance on the spot to show how excited she was inside, Lu Zijia glanced at her in disdain and splashed cold water on her coldly.

Ye Nanxi, who had just got ready, immediately stood straight and covered her face with her coat, looking like she was going to be a thief.

“Hey, hey, hey, wait for me.
Didn’t those people not see me just then? Why can they see me again now?”

Seeing Lu Zijia walk far away, Ye Nanxi quickly chased after her and asked curiously.

“Also, why couldn’t I speak just then? How did you do that? Are you a magician?”

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Facing Ye Nanxi’s questions one after another, Lu Zijia suddenly stopped walking and looked at Ye Nanxi with a faint smile, asking, “Do you like ghosts?”


Faced with Lu Zijia’s totally unreasonable question, Ye Nanxi couldn’t react for a second.

Lu Zijia glanced behind her and repeated, “Do you like ghosts?”

Ye Nanxi, who finally reacted, blurted out, “Your question doesn’t make sense.
There are no ghosts in this world at all.
How would I possibly like ghosts?”

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curved up and she smiled.

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