Chapter 445: Disgusted

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“I’m here for someone.”

Ye Nambo stood by the table and smiled gently at Ye Nanxi, then looked at Lu Zijia.

In fact, the person he came to find was Ye Nanxi.
He wanted to reach his second uncle through this cousin of his.

However, he changed his mind after seeing Lu Zijia.

“For someone?”

Ye Nanxi followed his gaze and looked at Lu Zijia, showing a surprised look.
“Cousin, you know Master too?”

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Ye Nambo had already experienced Lu Zijia’s ability himself, so he wasn’t surprised that Ye Nanxi called Lu Zijia Master


Ye Nambo looked at Lu Zijia with an extremely gentle gaze, as if he was looking at someone he loved deeply.

Seeing him like this, Ye Nanxi was even more surprised and curious.
“Cousin, how do you know Master? Don’t tell me you’re also…”

Before she said the words “posthumous marriage,” something suddenly came to Ye Nanxi’s mind and she immediately shut her mouth.

Ye Nambo’s mind was on Lu Zijia, so he didn’t care about half of the sentence that Ye Nanxi suddenly said.

“We met at a banquet.”

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Ye Nambo’s gaze was still stuck on Lu Zijia and a nostalgic look appeared on his handsome face.
“That was the place where I met Zijia for the first time.

“I still remember how pitiful she was back then and how much she made people want to take care of her carefully.”

Hearing Ye Nambo’s seemingly affectionate tone, Lu Zijia didn’t even drink the coffee, afraid that she would vomit from disgust.

When the original host met Ye Nambo for the first time, the original host was tripped by Lu Wanyuan and fell to the ground.
Ye Nambo happened to come over, so he pretended to be a gentleman and spoke to her.

Through the memories of the original host, Lu Zijia saw clearly that when Ye Nambo saw the face of the original host, there was a hint of playfulness and determination flashing through his eyes.

Apparently, he treated the original host as a toy.

But now, he pretended to be a love saint in front of her.
Of course, it made her feel disgusted.

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“Miss Ye, I’ll get going first.
I’ll come to you when I find something.” Without giving Ye Nambo a chance to continue to disgust her, Lu Zijia picked up the bag next to her hand, got up and said to Ye Nanxi.

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“Huh? Oh, okay…”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was leaving all of a sudden and didn’t look so good, Ye Nanxi said goodbye to her even though she was confused.

“Zijia.” Seeing that Lu Zijia left without even looking at him, Ye Nambo was resentful in his mind, but he showed a sad and hurt look on the outside.

People who didn’t know better would think that Lu Zijia did something to him!

Lu Zijia directly treated him as an invisible man.
She walked past him and headed out of the cafe.

At the same time, she secretly cast a spell with her left hand without leaving a trace and it landed on Ye Nambo quietly.

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Ye Nambo and his mother had already been kicked out of the old house of the Ye family and they didn’t get a cent from the Ye family.

She had thought that he would learn his lesson and never show up in front of her again.
Unexpectedly, he was so eager to be tortured, which saved her the trouble of looking for him.

“Zijia, wait, I have something to tell you.”

Ye Nambo looked anxious as he quickly chased after Lu Zijia and reached out to grab her arm.

Lu Zijia seemed to have eyes on her back.
She walked to the side of the street and avoided Ye Nambo’s hand.

“Zijia, L.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia finally stopped, Ye Nambo was delighted in his mind.
He was about to say something affectionate, but was interrupted.

“Ye Nambo, it seems that you didn’t end up too miserably.”

Lu Zijia sized him up from head to toe.
Apart from looking a bit haggard, he looked no different from before.
He still looked like a young master of the upper-class society..

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