Chapter 446: Getting Back the Posthumous Marriage Certificate


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As expected, Ye Nambo was indeed doing much better than Lu Wanyuan.
This seemed a bit unfair to Lu Wanyuan.

Ye Nambo’s face turned pale, but he soon pretended like nothing happened.
“Zijia, what are you talking about? I…”

Lu Zijia interrupted him again.
“Lu Wanyuan is your fiancée.
You should know very well how she is right now, right?”

One person was dead and three were alive in that car crash.

Xia Fangqing died on the spot.
Mu Zhong and the kid, Lu Yuan, were severely injured and it was unknown if they would survive.
Lu Wanyuan was the least injured, but her face was disfigured.

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This news had already been reported and the news of Lu Bochuan being made a cuckold was also released, so almost the entire capital now knew about this car accident.
Some said they were pitiful, while others said it was karma.
Of course, some also said they bit off their own heads.

Hearing Lu Zijia mention Lu Wanyuan, Ye Nambo finally could no longer maintain his expression anymore and collapsed.

“Do you still remember the karma I told you about last time? Lu Wanyuan’s karma has come and yours hasn’t, so you have to be careful.”

Lu Zijia said as she showed an extremely bright smile.
However, this smile made Ye Nambo feel extremely cold all over his body and he couldn’t help shivering.

Lu Zijia admired his frightened look and a touch of ridicule flashed through her eyes.
She immediately turned around and left.

The spell she used on Ye Nambo was the same as the one she used on Lu Wanyuan back then.

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A week of nightmares would make them dream about the things they least wanted to happen from the bottom of their hearts.

Lu Zijia walked to a remote alley and was about to take out the doll in the bag when her phone rang.

When Lu Zijia saw that the call was from the Director, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

She always felt that there was nothing good when this miser Director looked for her.

However, even though she was complaining in her mind, she still picked up the call.

Two minutes later, Lu Zijia hung up frustratedly.

Nothing good indeed!

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And yet, he was the Director and she was from the Special Administration Office.

Lu Zijia pretended to take a deep breath involuntarily and focused her attention on the doll Ye Nanxi gave her again.

The doll was the size of a palm.
Apart from its black eyes and blood-red lips, it was entirely white and looked extremely creepy.

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Lu Zijia cut open the doll’s abdomen with her spiritual power without changing her expression and took out the date of birth, the eight characters of horoscope and the hair hidden inside.
After remembering the aura of the sorcerer who did this, she used her spiritual power to burn everything instantly.

Half an hour later, Lu Zijia showed up in a slightly old community.
The guards didn’t stop her when she went in.

Lu Zijia went straight to the target and knocked on the door of a family.

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“Who is it?”

The person who opened the door was an old lady in her fifties.
She narrowed her small eyes slightly, as if she wanted to see who knocked on the door.

“Hi, old lady, I’m a Taoist Master.” Lu Zijia introduced herself with a smile.

Hearing the word “Taoist Master,” the originally amiable old lady immediately changed her expression and a horrifying light was reflected from her old eyes.

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice the changes in her.
She still said with a smile, “I’m here to get back the posthumous marriage certificate for someone.
I wonder if you’re willing to give it to me?”

The old lady suddenly smiled after hearing that.
She smiled very kindly and even her old voice sounded very loving, “Of course.
Come, come in quickly.
I’ll get it for you right now..”

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