Chapter 451: The Truth of the Ye Family Incident (1)

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‘As expected, Ye Fenglin had already become sullen at the moment.

“Give it to me!”

Ye Fenglin reached his hand out to the old lady and stared at her very fiercely.

‘The old lady’s neck shrank under his gaze.
However, she didn’t give him the posthumous marriage certificate in her hand out immediately, but turned to Lu Zijia weakly.

After Lu Zijia nodded and agreed, she then passed it to Ye Fenglin immediately.

Ye Fenglin saw their interaction, but he wasn’t in the mood to care about them right now.

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When he saw that the so-called posthumous marriage certificate in his hand really had her daughter’s date of birth and eight characters of horoscope, as well as the blood and her hair, even if Ye Fenglin didn’t believe these things, he couldn’t help feeling extremely furious in his mind.
“What else do you have to say?”

Ye Fenglin threw the posthumous marriage certificate in his hand on Chang Yiyue’s face without holding back and questioned her furiously.

Chang Yiyue didn’t dodge and let the thread hit her face that was well taken care of.

“Fenglin, I’ve been with you for so many years.
Don’t you know what kind of person I am?”

Chang Yiyue said with a sad look, “Fenglin, you’ve seen how I treated Nanxi all these years.
Can’t you trust me a bit more?

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“Besides, posthumous marriage is just feudal superstition.
There’s no such thing in the world.
You hate such things the most, don’t you?”

‘As Chang Yiyue spoke, Ye Nanxi’s expression gradually changed and she looked at her father anxiously.

She knew that her father didn’t believe in ghosts.
In fact, she wouldn’t have believed it either if she hadn’t seen ghosts with her own eyes, so she was worried that her father would be convinced by Chang Yiyue.

However, Ye Fenglin wasn’t convinced by what Chang Yiyue said, as Ye Nanxi was worried about.

“I know what kind of a person you are.
That’s why I warned you again and again, just be your Mrs.
Ye at ease.
Don’t think about stupid things and don’t think about things that you shouldn’t!”

What Ye Fenglin said finally made the expression of Chang Yiyue, who had never looked different since the beginning, change.

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“Are you going to tell me the truth or do you want me to force you to tell me?” Ye Fenglin wasn’t soft-hearted towards Chang Yiyue at all.
People who didn’t know anything would think of them as strangers.

Chang Yiyue’s gentle face became expressionless bit by bit.
Even her gentle gaze became evil.

She originally thought that even if something happened to Ye Nanxi, the father and daughter of the Ye family, who didn’t believe in ghosts, would never think in this direction.

So, when she looked for someone to do these things, she wasn’t too cautious, which was why she left the goods behind.

Suddenly, she thought of the scene when Ye Nanxi came out of her piano room in a hurry yesterday.
She didn’t think there was anything wrong at that time, but now it seemed that Ye Nanxi had found the doll she hid in the piano room?
“People indeed can’t do bad things.
See, aren’t you being exposed now? This is truly fate.”

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Chang Yiyue seemed to be talking to herself.
After that, she looked at Ye Nanxi firmly with an evil gaze.
“No, I should say that you’re too lucky.
You obviously don’t believe in ghosts and gods, but still…”

Still, you met a Taoist Master.
If this is not fate, what is it?

‘What Chang Yiyue said indirectly admitted that she instigated the old lady.

Ye Nanxi was frightened by her gaze and she subconsciously hid behind her father.
“Why are you doing this? We’re like family.”

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