Chapter 454: Every Debt Has Its Debtor

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Thinking that his daughter was almost killed by that evil thing, Ye Fenglin got even more furious in his mind.

“Dad, it’s not your fault.
You just want one more person to stay with me.
I know that.”

Ye Nanxi didn’t want to see her father blaming himself, so she quickly comforted him.

She then immediately said a bit guiltily, “Dad, can I continue hanging out with the master in the future?”

Seeing how careful his daughter was, Ye Fenglin sighed heavily with a complicated expression.
“I don’t like these Taoist Masters, not because I don’t trust them.”

Ye Nanxi looked surprised and curious as she asked, “Then, why?”

“Because of your mother.”

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A touch of sorrow flashed through Ye Fenglin’s eyes.
“Someone used a Taoist Master to hurt me back then.
It was your mother who helped me survive the disaster.
That’s why your mother passed away suddenly.”
Hearing that, Ye Nanxi was shocked.
“Mom… But, Master, she… she’s a good person.
I don’t think she’s a Taoist Master who would hurt people.
Dad, Master is really a good person.”
Ye Nanxi had a very good impression of Lu Zijia, who saved her life.
She didn’t want her father to misunderstand Lu Zijia.

Ye Fenglin didn’t deny what she said, but said, “Xiao Xi, you’ve grown up.
I may not be able to protect you forever, so you must learn how to differentiate the good and bad of people.

“If you think that master is a good person, follow your heart and do what you want.
But remember, once you sense something wrong, you must protect yourself first.”

At the Special Administration Office.
“Knock, knock.”

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Someone knocked on the door of the Director’s office.
Luo Baode, who had been waiting inside for a long time, immediately let that person in.
“Girl, you’re late.”

‘The moment Lu Zijia pushed the door open and came in, Luo Baode said with a sullen face.

Lu Zijia glanced at him calmly.
“No, I came to the door at the last second.”

The place she agreed to meet the Director was the office, and the office door was also the office, right?

Luo Baode, who was speechless: “…”
“Girl, you have the most fallacies!”

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Luo Baode said angrily, but he wasn’t really angry.
He just wanted to see this girl’s anxious look.

“Fallacies are also reasonable.”

Lu Zijia shrugged and said righteously.

Luo Baode only swallowed and had the urge to kick her out.

This d*nm girl, didn’t she know how to respect the elders?

“Hm! Let’s get back to business.
I’m not going to talk nonsense with a girl who doesn’t know how to respect her elders like you.”

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Luo Baode grunted angrily and immediately said, “The Maoshan Sect already knows about the Deputy Director’s death, but the Deputy Director deserves to die, so the Maoshan Sect won’t look into the matter.”

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Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows.
She had a feeling that he still had something to say.

As expected, after pausing for a while, Luo Baode continued, “But the Deputy Director has a brother who’s quite close to her.
That brother might very likely look into it.

“Besides, the Deputy Director’s brother is an elder of the Maoshan Sect.
He’s not weak.
You must be careful.”

Lu Zijia sat opposite him and blinked innocently.
“Director, I think you should be careful.
After all, the Deputy Director died in your hands.

“Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor.
If the elder brother of the Deputy Director wants to take revenge for her, he should be looking for you, Director.

“Director, you’re in a high position.
You have to protect yourself well.
Otherwise, our office will suffer huge losses.”

Luo Baode: “!!!”

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