Chapter 455: Take the Blame


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Every debt had its debtor.
What did this wretched girl mean? Did she put all the blame on him?

Even if he didn’t kill the Deputy Director himself back then, the Deputy Director was seriously injured and her power was already taken away.
She would die sooner or later.
But now, this damn girl made him take all the blame!
How shameless!

“Damn girl, don’t think that I’ll take the blame for you just because you say so!” Luo Baode gritted his teeth.

Lu Zijia continued to look innocent.
“Director, you’re as strong as a bull.
It’s more than enough for you to take the blame.
I’m too weak to take it.”

‘As the saying went, one would not die if a friend had died.
It was better for one person to take the blame than two people.
So, she could only sacrifice Mr.

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The Director was “so young’, but he was already the Director of the Administration Office.
He must be quite capable.

So, the Director would definitely take the blame.

Luo Baode, who was often called shameless by people, had never thought that there was someone more shameless than him!

Listen to what she said!

Weak? Don’t think he didn’t know that this wretched girl was even much stronger than the Deputy Director!

If she was still considered weak, how many people in the Special Administration Office were not weak?

Shameless, this was totally shameless to the extreme!

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Seeing that the Director’s chest was rising and falling violently, looking obviously furious, Lu Zijia kindly changed the subject and said, “Right, Director, didn’t you say that you have an important mission for me? What mission is it? What level of reward can I get after completing it?”
There was anger stuck in Luo Baode’s chest, which almost made him faint.

This d*mn girl! After pissing him off half to death, she still pretended like nothing happened.
This was really… ridiculous!

However, in order not to let himself be angered to death, he could only follow the wretched girl’s flow and change the topic sullenly.

Ah, he really didn’t have any dignity as a Director.
It was truly difficult to be one!

After sighing sorrowfully in his mind, Luo Baode became serious and handed a folder to Lu Zijia.
“This case involves the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor.
You must deal with it carefully.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling surprised.
She took the folder and opened it to look through it carefully.

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After Lu Zijia finished reading the documents, Luo Baode said, “There’s someone above the Deputy Mayor.
The Mayor can’t touch him easily, so he asked us for help to find evidence to prove that the Deputy Mayor is guilty of covering up a crime.”
Lu Zijia closed the folder and looked at Luo Baode.
“Why me?”

It would be fine if the Deputy Mayor really covered up a crime, but if he didn’t, she would be marked by him

Even though she wasn’t afraid of being marked, she didn’t want to provoke unnecessary trouble for no reason.

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She still wanted to develop her side business recently, so she didn’t have time to deal with those people who had marked her.

A trace of guilt flashed through Luo Baode’s eyes and he said embarrassedly, “It’s because your mother is friends with the Mayor.
I just thought that since they know each other, it’ll be more pleasant to work with him, right?”

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Lu Zijia thought for a while.
Du Xiangjun seemed to have really mentioned that she was good friends with the Mayor’s wife.


“This doesn’t seem to be a supernatural incident.
The investigation should be left to the police.”

Lu Zijia stared at the Director with her bright eyes.
“Tell me, did you get some benefits?”

‘The Director was famous for being a miser..
How would he possibly get involved in this obviously troublesome matter for no reason?

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