Chapter 458: The Incident of the Chu Family (3)

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After Lu Zijia came in, she noticed that the eyes of the three members of the Chu family were red.
Apparently, they had just cried, but she pretended not to see it sensibly.

Even though Lu Zijia said so, Qiao Mengxuan still poured her a cup of tea and served her with some snacks and fruits.

“Zijia, what do you want to talk to me about? Tell me.
If I can help, I definitely will.”

Chu Ming thought Lu Zijia came to see him because she needed his help, so he didn’t bring her to the study.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“Thank you, Uncle Chu, but I’m not here to ask for your help.”

To be precise, she was here to help Chu Ming.

“Uncle Chu, the Director has already handed your case over to me.
I wonder if it’s convenient for you to tell me the whole story?” Lu Zijia went straight to business and asked directly.

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‘What Lu Zijia said made Chu Ming freeze.
“Director Luo? Why would he…” Why would he let Lu Zijia deal with this?

Even though Lu Zijia was from the Special Administration Office, he knew that she wasn’t a Taoist Master.

Lu Zijia certainly understood what Chu Ming’s unfinished sentence meant.
She wasn’t angry either.

“Tknow you don’t believe me, but since the Director has already given me the task, it means that he approves of my ability.”

Lu Zijia said as she waved at Chu Ziyi, who was sitting on the couch obediently without making a sound.
“Ziyi, come here.”

Hearing that, Chu Ziyi walked over obediently.

“Do your legs and hands hurt?” Lu Zijia glanced at the scratches on his hands and legs and asked.

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Chu Ziyi pursed his lips and said obediently, “It’s alright.”

“What about here?” Lu Zijia touched his back with her hand, at the middle of his ribs.

Chu Ziyi frowned and his originally red eyes immediately became a bit redder.
Apparently, it was quite painful.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Zijia knew the answer.

“Zijia, you…” Qiao Mengxuan looked at her behavior and couldn’t help feeling confused.

Lu Zijia smiled at her as she circulated her spiritual power in her hand to form a suction force, sucking the paper doll that was attached to Chu Ziyi’s back out.

“It hurts.”

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‘The moment the paper doll was sucked out, Chu Ziyi finally couldn’t help but cry out in pain with red eyes.

“You’re fine.
This Blessing Talisman is for you.
You have to keep carrying it with you, alright?”

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Lu Zijia put a Blessing Talisman in Chu Ziyi’s hand and said gently.

The Chu family had helped the original host and Du Xiangjun a lot over the years.
Even when the Lu family lost the land that they were supposed to get before, Chu Ming helped them secretly.
She was kind of returning the favor now.

Chu Ziyi looked at the talisman in his hand and looked a bit confused.
He subconsciously looked up at his parents.

After seeing Lu Zijia sucked out a yellow paper doll from their son’s back with their own eyes, Chu Ming and his wife were so startled that they couldn’t quite come back to their senses.

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Seeing their son looking at them now, they quickly collected themselves.

“Son, thank Sister Zijia quickly.” Qiao Mengxuan looked excited as she quickly signaled her son to thank Lu Zijia.

“Thank you, Sister Zijia.”

Chu Ziyi thanked Lu Zijia obediently and even gave her a warm smile.

‘s heart almost melted.

“Zijia, let’s go to the study to talk.”

‘After Lu Zijia showed her ability, Chu Ming believed that she was capable of dealing with this matter.
“Zijia, what was that paper doll just then about? Was my son cursed?”

As soon as Chu Ming entered the study, he asked anxiously..

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