Chapter 462: The Eldest Son of the Mu Family Made a Move Again (2)


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Not only did he fail, but he also suffered heavy losses.
It was simply a slap on his face, making him too ashamed to face anyone!

Because of this, his father was even more disappointed in him.

Thinking of this, Mu Jinfeng hated Mu Tianyan even more in his mind.
He couldn’t wait to rush to the old mansion of the Mu family and kill Mu Tianyan himself.

Seeing his son’s twisted face, Mu Liren knew what he was thinking in his mind.

While he hated his son for not being able to live up to his expectations, he also resented Mu Tianyan’s ability and viciousness.

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The four Martial Artists he sent out last time were all crippled.
He didn’t have many Martial Artists with him to begin with and four of them were gone at once.
It was already considered less harsh to describe it as a heavy loss.
But no matter how much he hated Mu Tianyan in his mind and how much he wanted to kill him completely, he dared not to act rashly.

He only hoped that his daughter would work harder in the main family of the Mu family so that the members of the main family would take her seriously.
When that time came, the members of the Mu family would not say anything even if he killed Mu Tianyan.
After all, comparing geniuses nowadays and those in the past, the ones nowadays were much more valued.

“Hm! Stupid!”

Mu Liren snorted and looked at his son coldly as he scolded furiously, “If I didn’t check beforehand that there weren’t any Martial Artists around that woman, would I have sent our men to die?

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“I’ve trained you with my heart for so many years and you haven’t learned anything useful.
If your sister wasn’t a woman and couldn’t carry on the family line, I would have kicked you disappointing person out a long time ago.
Out of sight, out of mind!”
Mu Liren still couldn’t control the anger at the bottom of his heart.
He opened his mouth and cursed.
Fire almost burst out of his eyes when he stared at his son.

Even though Mu Jinfeng was already used to being scolded by Mu Liren, his face couldn’t help but flush.

He was embarrassed and also furious.

“Then, ask Sister to come back and train her.
I don’t care about your family business anyway!”

‘Mu Jinfeng refuted without thinking, then got up and walked out of the study furiously.

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Of course, he dared to be so presumptuous not because he didn’t care about the family business as he said, but because he was certain that he was Mu Liren’s only son and Mu Liren wouldn’t really give up on him.

‘Mu Liren must say that Mu Jinfeng was right.

“Bastard, stop right there!”

Mu Liren was so furious that his organs hurt terribly.
Every time he lectured his son, his son would throw him a tantrum.
He was totally out of control!

A touch of complacency flashed through Mu Jinfeng’s eyes.
He was about to say something when he heard someone knocking on the door of the study.

“Knock, knock.
Master Mu, Miss Lu is here.”

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Hearing the voice outside the door, Mu Liren took a deep breath and repressed the anger inside him.
He glared at his son warningly and said, “Come in.”

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After getting permission, the two men in black, who were leading the way for Lu Zijia with their extremely painful bodies, immediately opened the door of the study for Lu Zijia and invited her in immediately.

After Lu Zijia went in, the two of them left the Mu family at the fastest speed and ran back to the main house of the Mu family.

‘As long as they returned to the main house of the Mu family, even if Mu Liren complained to their Senior Sister, she wouldn’t dare to do anything to them brazenly.
At most, she would only make things difficult for them secretly.
But that was better than dying.

Mu Liren, who had no idea that he had lost two more Martial Artists, showed a smile that he thought was amiable after seeing Lu Zijia come in..

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