Chapter 463: The Second Master of the Mu Family Is Getting Poached! (1)


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And when Mu Jinfeng saw Lu Zijia’s pure and gorgeous face clearly, he couldn’t help showing a stunned look and a touch of obscenity flashed through his eyes quickly.
Lu Zijia saw the changes in the expressions of the father and son and a cold light flashed through the depths of her eyes.

“Miss Lu is indeed young and promising.
She’s not to be underestimated.
Come, have a seat.”

Mu Liren got up and walked towards the couch in the study as he asked Lu Zijia to come and take a seat.

Lu Zijia didn’t say anything either.
She walked over calmly and sat opposite Mu Liren.

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Mu Jinfeng, who was about to leave the study furiously before, immediately turned around and walked back when he saw Lu Zijia sit down.
He wanted to sit next to Lu Zijia with impure thoughts.
However, before he got close, Lu Zijia looked up at him with an unusually cold gaze.

‘Mu Jinfeng only felt a chill surging out of his heart under her gaze, making him shiver uncontrollably.

Realizing that he was startled by a woman, Mu Jinfeng couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed.
However, he was even more interested in Lu Zijia.
Women who were fierce were more interesting, right?

“Jinfeng, sit here.”
As his father, Mu Liren certainly saw through what his son was thinking at a glance.

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Normally, he wouldn’t stop his son from scheming, but not at this moment.

He still wanted to rope Lu Zijia in.
If he offended her before he did so, it wouldn’t be worth it.

However, he had completely forgotten that he had already offended Lu Zijia a few months ago.

Although Mu Jinfeng wasn’t happy, he still sat down reluctantly after noticing his father’s warning gaze.

“Miss Lu, I’m so sorry.
My son is a natural socializer.
He can even get along with a stranger he just met.
And you’re a distinguished guest invited by the Mu family, so of course he’ll treat you more enthusiastically.
I hope you’re not startled.”
‘Mu Liren was very polite to Lu Zijia.
Of course, he didn’t forget to explain his son’s impure behavior at the same time.

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Lu Zijia looked at Mu Liren with a strange gaze.
A distinguished guest? A distinguished guest that he sent someone to catch?

She must say that Mu Liren’s way of inviting distinguished guests was truly special!

However, it could be seen from Mu Liren’s attitude that he didn’t catch her to harm her, but to rope her in.

After she showed off her abilities in her previous life, she had experienced things like this many times, so she could easily guess Mu Liren’s purpose.

Thinking about it, Mu Liren must have known what she had been doing these few months and thought he could use her, so he wanted to rope her in!

“Here, Miss Lu, have a taste of this tea.
It’s called Imperial Longjing Tea and it tastes pretty good.”

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‘Mu Liren poured a cup of tea for Lu Zijia himself, looking like a gentleman.

Lu Zijia wanted to hear what conditions he would offer to rope her in, and what he would want her to do after he succeeded, so she cooperatively picked up the tea and took a sip.
“It’s indeed good.”

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Seeing Lu Zijia drink his tea, Mu Liren became a bit more confident in his mind.
“Miss Lu, if you like it, I’ll ask someone to send you some.
What do you think?”

Mu Liren meant to befriend her.

If Lu Zijia agreed, it would mean that she was willing to befriend Mu Liren and even stand on the same side.

Lu Zijia certainly wouldn’t be tricked by what he said.
Compared to Mu Tianyan, that evil guy, Mu Liren’s means of tricking people was a bit weaker..

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