Chapter 464: The Second Master of the Mu Family Is Getting Poached! (2)

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“In fact, I don’t really like tea.
No need.” Lu Zijia put down the teacup and said calmly.

No matter how good the tea in this world was, it was only used for drinking and tasting.
And the spiritual tea in the cultivation world could help cultivators increase their spiritual power.
Thinking about it now, she really missed it!

It seemed that she had to upgrade the space quickly.
She just didn’t know if the things that appeared after the second upgrade would be the same as the things that appeared the first time in her previous life.
If it was the same, that would be great.

‘Thinking of this, Lu Zijia suddenly lost the patience to go around the bush with Mu Liren.

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Mu, you didn’t ask someone to catch me here just to treat me to tea, did you?” Lu Zijia went straight to the point.

After being rejected by Lu Zijia, Mu Liren didn’t change his expression, but his gaze towards Lu Zijia was no longer as gentle as before.

“Miss Lu, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood.
I only asked someone to invite you.
I don’t mean anything else.
If there’s any misunderstanding, please don’t mind.”

Mu Liren said apologetically, but there was not a hint of apology on his face.

“[heard that Miss Lu has been in the limelight at the office recently.
You’re very capable and are highly valued by the Director.
I wonder if Miss Lu can give me some advice?”

He heard about it? He must have specially got someone to investigate it!

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Lu Zijia complained in her mind, but showed a calm look on the outside.
“I’m sorry, I’m not in the mood right now.
Mu, please ask someone else to give you advice!”

If he wanted to rope her in, he could just say it directly, but he kept changing the subject.
That was really enough!

‘Mu Liren, who was rejected again, gradually calmed down and didn’t even pretend anymore.

“Not in the mood? Or do you think I can’t pay you, Miss Lu?” Mu Liren said coldly with a sullen face.

Before Lu Zijia replied, Mu Jinfeng, who had been quiet for a while, spoke up at this moment, feeling lonely.

“It’s good that you’re not in the mood.
When I take you out for a night, I guarantee you’ll be so happy that you’ll want to fly when you come back.”

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‘When Mu Jinfeng said this, he stared at Lu Zijia with a greedy gaze and sized her up.
He was harassing her with his eyes!

Even though Lu Zijia didn’t know much about relationships, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t see the evil intentions in Mu Jinfeng’s eyes.

“Oh? Fly?” Lu Zijia suddenly smiled in an enchanting and charming way that could bewitch people.

‘As expected, Mu Jinfeng was instantly attracted by her smile and didn’t notice the imminent danger at all.

“That’s right.
Pretty girl, if you go out with me for one night, I guarantee you’ll be so happy that you’ll feel like dying.
You might even beg me to take you out every day afterwards!”
‘Mu Jinfeng, who was bewitched by Lu Zijia’s smile, spoke without concern and even let out a few obscene laughs.

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Mu Liren frowned, but didn’t stop him.

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Apparently, he was a bit angry after being rejected twice by Lu Zijia just then.
Now, letting Lu Zijia suffer a bit of humiliation was also a lesson for her.

Unfortunately, his idea was destined to fail.


Lu Zijia sneered.
“If you like flying so much, I’ll let you fly.”

‘As soon as Lu Zijia said the last word, she immediately shot a Light Body Talisman at Mu Jinfeng and quickly cast another spell, making Mu Jinfeng, who hadn’t reacted yet, suddenly rush upwards.
“Bang! Argh!”

‘Mu Jinfeng’s head hit the ceiling abruptly, making a clear muffled sound.

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