Chapter 465: Let the Scumbag Fly Higher

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The pain in his head made Mu Jinfeng, who had been living a luxurious life since he was little and had never suffered such pain, scream immediately.

“Argh!!! Help! Father, Father, Father, help me! Argh! Bang! Argh!”

Mu Jinfeng was floating in the air and he kept moving up and down, left and right.
His speed was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, which made Mu Jinfeng, who was already terrified, scream constantly.

The moment Mu Liren saw Lu Zijia make a move, he had a bad feeling.

When he sensed that there was something wrong with his son’s body, it was already too late to save him.

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Seeing his son being thrown around like a rag doll in the air, Mu Liren was so enraged that his whole body trembled and he couldn’t even speak for a second.

“Stop, stop!”

After a while, Mu Liren finally regained his voice and he shouted at Lu Zijia loudly and furiously.

He glared at Lu Zijia fiercely, as if he couldn’t wait to eat her flesh and blood.

However, Lu Zijia acted like nothing had happened.
She was still sitting on the couch and sipping tea calmly, as if she wasn’t the one who was playing tricks on Mu Jinfeng.

“I asked you to stop! Did you hear me?”

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Lu Zijia didn’t seem to hear what he said.
Mu Liren was so enraged that he couldn’t wait to go forward and strangle her to death.

This time, Lu Zijia did give a reaction, but her reaction almost made Mu Liren spurt out blood.

Mu, why are you angry?”

Lu Zijia tilted her head and said in confusion, “Your son wanted to fly just then.
I only helped him.
Why are you angry at me?

“Oh, I know.
You must think that your son isn’t flying high enough and want him to fly higher, right?”

Lu Zijia suddenly smiled very brightly.
Her tone was very gentle and she was so easygoing.
“No problem.
I’ll make your son fly higher right now.”

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The moment she finished talking, Mu Jinfeng, who was originally knocking around in the air of the study, suddenly floated out to the balcony of the study.

Lu Zijia deliberately slowed down Mu Jinfeng’s speed of floating out of the balcony, so that he had enough time to get ready and prepare to fly higher and further later.

However, this special speed was like death by a thousand cuts to Mu Jinfeng and Mu Liren.
They almost passed out because they couldn’t bear the blow.

“No, no, no! I don’t want to fly.
I don’t want to fly.
I want to come down.
Put me down, put me down quickly!”

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Mu Jinfeng was so scared that his face turned pale, and his widened eyes and face were full of fear.

Compared to Mu Jinfeng, Mu Liren didn’t look much better.

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“Lu Zijia, how dare you! If my son loses even half a hair, I’ll make sure you never get out of here!” Mu Liren looked fierce and tough, trying to threaten Lu Zijia to release his son.

At the same time, he scolded those Martial Artists who were protecting him and his son for being useless in his mind.
There was such a huge commotion in the study, but no one noticed anything strange!

However, he had completely forgotten at this moment that he was the one who asked those Martial Artists not to go near his study for no reason.
He even said that even if they heard any sounds in the study, they could definitely not enter the study without his permission.

Mu Liren really dug a huge and deep trap for himself!

“Half a hair?”

Lu Zijia was not threatened by him at all.
After hearing what he said, she even sneered and looked up at Mu Jinfeng, who was already bleeding all over..

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