Chapter 467: This Is For Second Master

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Thinking of this, Mu Liren’s resentment towards Lu Zijia immediately rose to the extreme.

At the same time, he gave up trying to rope Lu Zijia in.

However, he couldn’t let someone he couldn’t use continue to grow stronger.
He had to destroy her as soon as possible!

‘The four Martial Artists quickly pulled Mu Jinfeng, who was floating in the air, down, but they only managed to hold him down.
Once they let go, Mu Jinfeng would still float.

As if they smelled a strange smell on Mu Jinfeng’s body, two of the Martial Artists who were holding Mu Jinfeng quietly moved away a bit.

“Catch this bitch.
Catch this bitch and beat her to death!”

After surviving the calamity, Mu Jinfeng calmed down for a while and immediately looked at Lu Zijia with vicious and ferocious eyes, looking like he couldn’t wait to grind her bones and scatter her ashes.

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“Stop!” Before two Martial Artists made a move, Mu Liren stopped them first.


The pale face of Mu Jinfeng, who didn’t expect his father to stop him, twisted even more fiercely.
“This woman dares to humiliate me like this.
I want to kill her.
I want to kill her!”

‘Mu Jinfeng said as he tried to rush towards Lu Zijia.
However, he had just taken a step forward when his body started floating upwards uncontrollably.
The two Martial Artists quickly pressed him down again.
Noticing that there was something wrong with his body and that his pants were wet, Mu Jinfeng was so enraged that he almost went crazy.
“Argh!!! B*tch, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you! Argh!!”
‘Mu Jinfeng, who had never suffered such humiliation since he was little, shouted like he was crazy.
His eyes that were staring at Lu Zijia became extremely red.

As a father, Mu Liren also felt embarrassed when his son was humiliated, but he had to tolerate it for now.

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“That’s enough.
Shut his mouth!”

Mu Liren said to those Martial Artists with a sullen face.

One of the Martial Artists quickly found a towel, rolled it into a ball and stuffed it in Mu Jinfeng’s mouth.

‘Mu Jinfeng, who was gagged , had bloodshot eyes, as if he wanted to eat someone.
But the two Martial Artists holding him moved their eyes away, as if they didn’t see anything.

“Miss Lu, you’ve had enough fun now.
You should let my son go, shouldn’t you?”

Even though Mu Liren was trying hard to suppress his anger, he still gritted his teeth as he spoke.

Lu Zijia smiled harmlessly.
“That won’t do.
What if you don’t let me go after I let your son go?”

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“Then what exactly do you want?” Mu Liren couldn’t control himself for a second and he shouted in a deep voice.

He, Mu Liren, had been glorious for so many years.
He had never thought that he would be messed with by a little girl today.
This was simply the biggest humiliation of his life!

Just wait and see.
One day, he would definitely tear this wretched girl into pieces to vent the anger in his heart right now!

“It’s very simple.
Let me vent my anger.
When my anger subsides, I’ll let your son go naturally.”

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‘Lu Zijia said as she waved her hand and a beam of spiritual power suddenly attacked Mu Liren.

“Master Mu!”

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the four Martial Artists immediately wanted to save Mu Liren.
Unfortunately, they weren’t fast enough.

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“Bang! Poof!”

Mu Liren, who was hit in the chest, flew backwards on the couch behind him and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

However, this wasn’t the end.


Lu Zijia slapped Mu Liren’s old face at a distance.
“That attack just now was for myself.
This slap is for Mu Tianyan..”

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