Chapter 46: Defeated by Grandpa Ghost, Could Only Run?

“Especially you two, you took the seats of the elders as soon as you came in.
How did your parents teach you?

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“If it weren’t that you two were guests, I would have taught you a lesson.”

As Grandpa Ghost lectured Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin, the expressions on their faces were exciting to watch.

They had probably never thought that they had just “combined” with a ghost just then!

Luckily, these two evil spirits didn’t do anything to them that time, or they would probably have…

Thinking of the consequences, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin couldn’t help but feel terrified.

They used to think that they were superior to other people and that it was easy for them to complete their missions.

However, judging from the situation today, it seemed that they thought it was easy in the past only because they had never encountered any powerful evil spirits.

And today, they finally met one.

At this moment, Tong Kexin was extremely regretful.
Why did she insist on accepting this mission even after the persuasion of the Director?

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“Masters… Masters, you… you’re…”

Seeing Tong Kexin and the two others spurt out blood inexplicably, Fei Dingshan was terrified.
He was worried that even these masters couldn’t deal with the evil spirits in the house.

“Dad, I’m… I’m scared.”

Fei Weiwei held her father’s arm nervously as her body kept trembling uncontrollably.

“Oh, Weiwei, don’t be scared.
Mom and Dad will protect you.
We’ll never let anything happen to you.”

Although Madam Fei was scared too, she still held her frightened, trembling daughter in her arms quickly and kept comforting her.

If even the Taoist Masters of the Special Administration Office couldn’t take down the evil spirits at their home, the three of them didn’t know what else they could do anymore.

Their family had always been kind and happy to help others.
They had never done things that harmed anyone.
How did they end up in such a situation?

Thinking of this, Madam Fei couldn’t help but cry silently.

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Jin Junyi, who had recovered a bit, quickly yelled at Fei Dingshan and his family, then attacked Grandpa Ghost again.

Fei Dingshan glanced at his wife and daughter after hearing that.
He gritted his teeth fiercely and made a decision.

“Weiwei, get your Mom out of here.
Go as far as you can.
Don’t come back here again.

“I’ve already made my will.
I’ll leave everything under my name for you and your Mom.

“So, don’t worry.
Even without me, you’ll be able to live a good life.”

Fei Dingshan smiled weakly as he put his daughter and wife together and asked them to leave as soon as possible.

“No, Dad, I don’t want to leave you.
I want you, Dad.
Dad, let’s go together.
Let’s go together…”

Fei Weiwei cried and shook her head desperately as she reached her hand out to grab her father, insisting on taking her father with them.

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Madam Fei, who was almost one-third recovered after using Lu Zijia’s Exorcizing Talisman, held her husband’s arm up and tried to help him walk with her daughter, regardless of her husband’s objection and persuasion.

Grandma Ghost, who went to rest on the side with Grandpa Ghost’s help, was immediately upset when she saw that Fei Dingshan and his family were leaving.

“The three of you, stop right there.
I don’t mind that you found someone here to bully the two of us, but now, you even want to get rid of us.
You’re really bad descendants!

“If your father and I knew you would be ungrateful, we wouldn’t have worked so hard to support you to study in university.

“You ungrateful things, how did your father and I raise such an ungrateful thing? It’s truly a sin!”

Grandma Ghost rebuked Fei Dingshan and his family with obvious resentment in her tone.

Fei Dingshan and his family, who couldn’t see or hear Grandma Ghost at all, certainly didn’t stop walking.

And from Grandma Ghost’s perspective, Fei Dingshan and his family were ignoring what she said, which undoubtedly pissed her off.

Jin Junyi, who was trying his best to hold Grandpa Ghost back, was immediately shocked when he saw that Grandma Ghost was about to attack Fei Dingshan and the others.

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However, he already had a lot on his plate right now and couldn’t save them in time.

As for Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin, although they had already stood up, they weren’t planning to attack again.

Instead, they tried to look for a chance to escape.

If they couldn’t deal with these two evil spirits, they didn’t want to stay here and die.

However, even at this time, Tong Kexin didn’t forget about giving Lu Zijia a lesson.

“Fellow Jin, we won’t be able to deal with these two evil spirits.
You should lead them to Lu Zijia and ask her to hold them back first.
We’ll ask the Director to send more people over.”

While Tong Kexin was speaking righteously, she threw the Yin Gathering Talisman in her hand at Lu Zijia.

Ghosts liked places with heavy Yin energy.
As the name suggested, the Yin Gathering Talisman was a talisman that gathered the Yin energy nearby quickly.

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