Chapter 469: Do You Think I’m Cruel?


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Apparently, he was using the main family to put pressure on Mu Tianyan, hoping that Mu Tianyan would be worried and let his son go.
Unfortunately, it didn’t go as he wished.

“Idon’t like to take back what I said.”

Mu Tianyan’s eyes became colder and colder.
“Besides, those who dare to lust after my wife won’t have a good ending.

“Cripple his limbs.
I don’t want him to stand up again this time.”

The first part of his words was for Mu Liren, and the last part was apparently for Mu Yunhao behind her.

“Yes, Second Master.” After receiving the order, Mu Yunhao immediately walked towards Mu Jinfeng.

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“Mu Tianyan! How dare you!”

‘Mu Liren was enraged.
He struggled to get up and was about to pounce on Mu Tianyan, as if he wanted to fight Mu Tianyan with his life.
Lu Zijia kicked him without changing her expression, sending him back to the couch easily.

Seeing his wife’s protection, Mu Tianyan’s originally bad mood suddenly showed signs of improving.

“Argh! Argh, argh!”

‘Mu Jinfeng’s shrill scream echoed throughout the entire villa and almost pierced through people’s eardrums.

Mu Yunhao thought he was disturbing people, so he directly hit the back of his neck with his hand.

Great, the world was quiet.

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Having completed the mission, Mu Yunhao flashed and returned behind Mu Tianyan.

After Mu Yunhao let go of Mu Jinfeng, his body floated up again and directly reached the ceiling.

As for the Martial Artists who were originally holding Mu Jinfeng, they had already been knocked down by Mu Yunhao and were lying on the ground, wailing.
Of course, no one knew if it was real or fake.

“Jinfeng! Jin…”
Looking at his son, who was floating in the air with blood dripping down his limbs constantly and his eyes closed, he didn’t know if he was dead or alive.
Mu Liren couldn’t catch his breath and passed out.
The father and son both passed out, so Lu Zijia and the others certainly didn’t stay any longer.

In the car.

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“Do you think I’m cruel, Madam?” After a long silence, Mu Tianyan finally asked.

Lu Zijia leaned against the car seat lazily.
She turned her head and glanced at him as she said indifferently, “There are many people more cruel than you.”

In the cultivation world, countless brothers in the same family killed each other for resources.

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She got used to it after seeing so many of these things.

Seeing that her eyes were looking firm and she didn’t seem to be lying, Mu Tianyan was slightly relieved.

“Treally hope that you will never be afraid of me.” Mu Tianyan suddenly said seriously.

Feeling confused, Lu Zijia blurted out without thinking, “Why should I be afraid of you one day?”

She wasn’t even afraid of demons and ghosts, let alone Mu Tianyan, a mortal.
She was a cultivator.
How would she possibly be afraid of a mortal?

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If other cultivators knew that she was afraid of a mortal, she would definitely become the laughing stock of the entire cultivation world!

This was a bit off topic

Mu Tianyan looked into her bright eyes that didn’t avoid him at all as the corners of his mouth curled up.
“Glad that you’re not scared.”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at him speechlessly, feeling that he was truly a bit weird.

After returning to the Mu family and having dinner, Lu Zijia went upstairs to cultivate as usual.


“This is my room.
Your room is on the third floor.”

Lu Zijia stood in front of her room, turned around and looked at Mu Tianyan, who followed her upstairs.

Ever since this guy came back from the eldest son of the Mu family, he had been acting weird.
The way he looked at her made her wonder if he had forgotten to take his medicine..

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