Chapter 473: Is It Fun to Scare Him with Ghosts?


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If it weren’t for Lu Zijia’s call, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to ask Bai Xiao to come and hang out.

“Tm waiting for a friend.” Song Zixuan replied a bit perfunctorily.

Bai Xiao had been pampered by his parents since he was little.
His friends around him also supported him and he was treated perfunctorily by others very rarely.

If it weren’t that Song Zixuan was his neighbor and the Song family was clinging to Mu Tianyan, that living King of Hell, he would have already flown into rage and scolded Song Zixuan.
“Waiting for a friend? You wouldn’t be waiting for that woman, would you?” Bai Xiao was dissatisfied with Song Zixuan’s attitude in his mind, so he teased him deliberately.
Song Zixuan was about to speak when he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate.
He took it out and saw that it was Lu Zijia calling, so he immediately answered the call.

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After hanging up, Song Zixuan said to Bai Xiao, “I’m going to pick up a friend.” Then, he left the room in a hurry.

Song Zixuan rushed to the lobby of the KTV and immediately saw Lu Zijia in casual clothes.


Song Zixuan waved at Lu Zijia.
When Lu Zijia came over, he asked, “Why did you ask me to bring Bai Xiao here? How do you know Bai Xiao? He’s not a good man.
You must be careful.”
Lu Zijia answered Song Zixuan’s consecutive questions patiently.
I don’t know him.
I know.”

Song Zixuan: “…” What kind of simple answer was this? She wasn’t doing a test!

Seeing Song Zixuan’s devastated look, Lu Zijia suddenly had an evil intention to see him even more devastated.

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So, she said, “I’m here to help a dead soul to seek justice.
He said he worked part-time here when he was alive.”

Song Zixuan, who had just entered the elevator, immediately froze.
He suddenly had the urge to leave the elevator.

“That spirit isn’t in the elevator, is it?” Song Zixuan’s legs couldn’t help but tremble.

Seeing how frightened he was, Lu Zijia chuckled in her mind and blinked innocently on the outside.
“He’s not in the elevator.”

However, before Song Zixuan heaved a sigh of relief, Lu Zijia took out a talisman.
“He’s inside this talisman.
Do you want to see him?”

Some spirits could move around in the sun for a short period of time, but some couldn’t.

So, in order to prevent Jin Jiahao’s soul from being shattered by the sun, she let him stay in a talisman and brought him here.

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Song Zixuan rejected immediately and his body even moved far away from the talisman in Lu Zijia’s hand.

Unfortunately, no matter how far he was, he was still in the small elevator.

Seeing the smile on Lu Zijia’s face, Song Zixuan finally realized that he was fooled by this woman again!

This damn woman was too despicable.
Was it fun to always scare him with ghosts?

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She had totally gone too far! He even worked so hard to help her!

However, Lu Zijia had no idea what he was thinking in his mind.
If she did, she would definitely tell him, “I’s really fun.”

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After teasing Song Zixuan, Lu Zijia became serious again, which made Song Zixuan have the urge to kick her extremely deceiving face.

However, after hearing Lu Zijia’s description, Song Zixuan couldn’t help showing a shocked look.

“He’s really… a scumbag!”

Song Zixuan said after holding it in for a long time.

He knew that Bai Xiao wasn’t a good person, but he had never thought that he would go so far as to kill someone without blinking… He was totally insane and inhumane!

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