Chapter 475: Blow, Blow, My Pride Indulges!

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Regarding this, Song Zixuan looked like he didn’t care on the outside, but he was furious in his mind.

He felt that he, the Prince of Love Song of this generation, lost only because of the flattery from that beautiful host, who was a dichard fan of Bai Xiao!

Song Zixuan squeezed out of the crowd and sat next to Lu Zijia listlessly.

Seeing him like this, Lu Zijia couldn’t gloat anymore, so she patted his shoulder and comforted him, “Don’t be sad.
There’s always someone who sings worse than you.”
Song Zixuan, who didn’t feel comforted at all: “…”
“Imade such a huge sacrifice, and you’re still mocking me.
Where’s your conscience?”

Song Zixuan looked at her with resentment in his eyes, like a concubine who was bullied.

Lu Zijia, who found his behavior a bit irritating, looked away silently.
She was really trying to comfort him.

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Seeing her look away, Song Zixuan’s resentment deepened.

So, with the thought that they should sacrifice together instead of sacrificing himself alone, Song Zixuan gave the microphone he was still holding in his hand to Lu Zijia.
“TIl get him to drink later.
Go sing to distract him so I can find a chance to pour the wine out!”

He had already sacrificed his title as the Prince of Love Song just then.
He couldn’t sacrifice his image because he was drunk again.

Lu Zijia:

“Are you sure?”

Lu Zijia suddenly looked at him with a faint smile.

Song Zixuan was a bit creeped out by her gaze, but he still nodded firmly.
“I’m sure, We’re working as a team.
You can’t reject me.”

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Since they were friends, he couldn’t always sacrifice himself, right?


Lu Zijia didn’t resist and agreed easily just like that.

Song Zixuan’s eyelids twitched.
Why was the ominous feeling in his mind even more obvious?

“Come, come, everyone, make way, make way.
My friend is in a good mood today, so she’ll sing you a song.

“Let me tell you, my friend sings really well.
I guarantee that you’ll instantly become her diehard fans after hearing her sing.”

Song Zixuan quickly cleared the venue and left the middle seat for Lu Zijia.
At the same time, he asked the others to sit back on the couch and continue to drink while appreciating Lu Zijia’s performance.
“Master Bai, let’s sit here.
How about we have a drinking competition next? I don’t believe I can’t beat you.”

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Song Zixuan pulled Bai Xiao to a seat that could be captured on the livestream without being noticed and said with an unyielding look.

And his unwillingness to admit defeat greatly pleased Bai Xiao.
“Sure, I’ll make you admit defeat sincerely today.
If you lose this time, you’ll have to call me brother from now on!”
F*cking brother!

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Song Zixuan complained in his mind, but he agreed readily on the outside.

“Why is my heart shaking more when the wind blows more fiercely?”


Song Zixuan, who had just had a glass of wine with Bai Xiao, spouted it out before he even swallowed it.

Of course, a lot of people also spouted the wine out like him.

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‘s singing was truly too wonderful.
She was like a pig being slaughtered, which immediately woke their slightly tipsy minds up.
“Blow, blow, my pride indulges.

“Blow, it won’t destroy my pure garden.

“Let the wind blow, let it mess…”

Everyone present: “!!”

Everyone watching the livestream through their phones:
Didn’t he say that people would instantly become diehard fans after hearing it?
She was so out of tune that her pitch seemed to have gone to another planet and her way of singing totally sounded like a pig being slaughtered.
It was already good that they didn’t throw rotten eggs at her, let alone becoming her diehard fans!

Lu Zijia, who was immersed in her own singing, was still singing “blow, blow, my pride indulges..” She had no idea how many people wanted to throw rotten eggs at her right now.

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