“Madam, I’m hungry too.” Mu Tianyan, who was being forgotten, suddenly said softly.

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Lu Zijia immediately staggered and almost tripped.

After standing properly, she turned around and looked at the man behind her with a shocked look, like she had seen a ghost.
Why did she feel like this man was acting coquettishly towards her just then?

Was she sure she wasn’t hallucinating?

When Lu Zijia suspected that she was hallucinating, Mu Tianyan, who was sitting on the couch, reached out his hand to her.

“???” What did that mean?

Compared to Lu Zijia’s confusion, Mu Ruishu immediately understood what his uncle meant.
He immediately pulled his aunt back.

He then grabbed his aunt’s other hand and put it in his uncle’s big hand.
“Alright, let’s go to eat~”

Lu Zijia, who was walking towards the dining room while holding the hands of the two of them: “…”

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Ahem, alright.
Even though it felt a bit weird, it still felt pretty good.

Mu Tianyan, who was “held” by his wife, caught a glimpse of the curve of his wife’s mouth and the corners of his mouth also rose unconsciously.

Uncle He, who was waiting in the dining room, saw the heartwarming scene of them entering hand in hand like a family and a gratified look flashed through his old eyes.

How great.
Ever since Madame showed up, the Second Master had become more and more popular.

“Madam, can you go to a banquet with me tomorrow night?” Mu Tianyan suddenly asked halfway through the meal.

In the past, Mu Tianyan would never attend any banquet.
But now… he wanted more people to know that Lu Zijia was his wife.

“A banquet?”

Lu Zijia found the scene of this world’s banquet from the original host’s memories and her eyes brightened.

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There would be a lot of delicious food at the banquet in this world.
By then, she could try more delicacies.

Ah, speaking of delicacies, maybe she could open a herbal cuisine restaurant or a medicinal bath shop.

However, after thinking about it, Lu Zijia quickly gave up the idea of opening a store.

Putting aside the fact that it would take a lot of time to grow the herbs with emeralds, it was also a problem if she had the time to make herbal cuisine.

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She worked so hard to earn money because she wanted to improve her strength quickly.
If she slowed down her cultivation because of earning money, wouldn’t the gains outweigh the losses?

So, she should focus on the skincare product business first!

Seeing that she agreed so quickly, Mu Tianyan was a bit surprised, but he didn’t ask anything.

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After dinner, Mu Ruishu, who wanted to build a relationship with his aunt, was sent back to his room by his uncle to do homework.

But he had already finished his homework!

Uncle was so annoying!

“Come with me.”

After sending the annoying third wheel away, Mu Tianyan took his wife upstairs.


Lu Zijia was a bit dumbfounded as he dragged her forward.

Why did she feel like this man was being mysterious tonight? Did he do something unspeakable?

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Taking her upstairs right now, did he actually want her to move into his room?

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Mu Tianyan didn’t answer her.
Instead, he grabbed her hand tighter and walked towards his territory on the third floor step by step.

Lu Zijia, who thought she was right, was actually a bit unwilling to go with him in her mind…

However, before she decided if she should reject him, Mu Tianyan suddenly stopped walking.

Mu Tianyan, who had no idea that he was misunderstood to have done something unspeakable, pushed open the door in front of him and asked Lu Zijia to go in first..

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