Hearing that, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened.
“Are those really for me?”

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She should be able to upgrade the Ancient Space by putting these two large chests of emeralds inside.

After the space was upgraded, there would be a spirit field and the herbs she planted on it would become spiritual plants.

By then, she would be able to move the Namo Buddha Lotus planted in the backyard into the space and she wouldn’t have to form a Spirit Gathering Array anymore.

“Of course.”

Seeing that she was happy, Mu Tianyan was also in a good mood.
However, he couldn’t be happy the next second.

“Then, can I take them all at once?” Lu Zijia looked at the man in front of her with anticipation in her bright eyes.

She would just take these emeralds as the investment this man put in her.
After growing more Namo Buddha Lotuses, she could refine them into elixirs for him to increase his strength.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia was no longer shy.

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Mu Tianyan, whose wonderful plan was shattered, “…” His wife was truly unpredictable!


Mu Tianyan smiled bitterly in his mind, while looking very direct and generous on the outside.

It seemed that he had to think of other ways if he wanted to become a real couple with his wife.

After getting Mu Tianyan’s permission, Lu Zijia thanked him happily and went up to grab one of the chests, trying to carry it out.

Seeing that she couldn’t wait, Mu Tianyan felt deeply speechless.

Why did he feel that he wasn’t as attractive as these two chestes of emeralds in his wife’s eyes?

“Hang on.”

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Mu Tianyan stopped her immediately.

Lu Zijia held the chest even harder and turned to Mu Tianyan with a slightly vigilant look.

She seemed to be worried that Mu Tianyan would regret it.

Mu Tianyan raised his hand and pinched her fair little face in amusement.
Hmt it felt nice.

“Don’t worry, I gave them to you, so they’re yours.

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“Besides, you’re my wife.
Everything I own is yours, including myself.”

Mu Tianyan said as he took one of Lu Zijia’s hands off the chest and put it to his heart.

Lu Zijia: “…” Was this man sure he wasn’t teasing her openly?

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However, these words sounded very pleasant.

“Then, my things are still mine.” Lu Zijia suddenly blurted out.

Mu Tianyan’s things were hers and her things were still hers.
What a great deal!


Mu Tianyan agreed without hesitation with obvious indulgence in his black eyes.

“Come, let me take you to meet someone.”

Mu Tianyan dragged his wife towards the only door in the room.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows in surprise.
So, the main purpose of bringing her here was to introduce someone to her?

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But why was this person in the secret chamber?

With doubts in her mind, Lu Zijia watched Mu Tianyan push open the heavy iron door.

After seeing the scene in the room clearly, Lu Zijia’s pupils shrank slightly and she showed obvious astonishment on her face.

In the small room, there was a special table with an ice casket on it.

That’s right, there was even a person lying inside the ice casket.

Lu Zijia frowned slightly and looked at the man next to her in confusion, waiting for his explanation.

Mu Tianyan looked at the person lying in the ice casket and introduced him to Lu Zijia, “This is my brother, Mu Tianheng.
He’s 12 years older than me.

“Before I was taken to the main family of the Mu family, my brother basically took care of me.

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