wife finally admit that they were husband and wife?

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If he had known this would happen, he should have brought his wife to come and meet his brother earlier.

“I might be able to save your brother.
” Lu Zijia said to Mu Tianyan seriously.

Mu Tianyan said just then that the poison in his body was transferred from Mu Tianheng.

That meant that the poison in Mu Tianheng’s body was the same as Mu Tianyan’s, only different in degree.

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If she could cure Mu Tianyan, she could certainly cure Mu Tianheng as well.

Hearing that, Mu Tianyan tightened his grip slightly, but still said, “Don’t push yourself too hard.
Just do your best.

His brother was just an ordinary person, so his situation after being poisoned was even more serious than his.

Even his master said that his big brother might not wake up again for the rest of his life.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Alright, I’ll tell you if I really can’t do it.”

Mu Tianyan had helped her a lot, so it was only right for her to help him back now.
Besides, they were now kind of a couple who had shown their love for each other.
They were family, so she certainly had to help.

Master Lu who had no idea she sold herself out…

“Thank you, my wife.”

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Tianyan suddenly held her tightly in his arms and said in a deep, husky voice in her ears, “Madam, have I ever said that I love you more and more and that I can’t leave you anymore?”

Lu Zijia moved her body unnaturally and felt that the temperature of her ears was a bit high, as if she had a fever.

“You’ve said it just now.”

‘Madam, you’re the best.”

The joy that was about to spill out of Mu Tianyan’s heart made him laugh softly.
The warmth in his arms also made him feel unprecedentedly relaxed.

“That’s right.
So, you must listen to me obediently from now on.
When I ask you to do something, you can’t do the opposite.

“The most important thing is that you can’t attract the attention of other women.
If I find out, you’ll be punished to kneel on the keyboard!”

Lu Zijia raised her chin deliberately, looking very arrogant.
She even said the two meaningful quotes she saw online to Mu Tianyan word by word.

Mu Tianyan:

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