Chapter 496 Protect Her Own Man!

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His wife’s words sounded domineering, but he was even happier in his mind.
What was going on? 1

“Alright, I’ll listen to you, Madam.”

Mu Tianyan buried his head in the neck of the girl in his arms and rubbed against it, taking advantage of her secretly.

Lu Zijia, who felt like a loyal dog was rubbing its head against her, blinked her big bright eyes.
This feeling… seemed quite good.
So, this was the feeling of being in love?

No wonder those people in love always showed a silly smile on their faces unconsciously.

“Good boy.”

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Lu Zijia caressed the man’s head with her hand like she was petting a loyal dog.

It was rare that his wife took the initiative to get close to him.
Mu Tianyan became very relaxed, as if he was enjoying the touch of her hand on his head.

“Right, do you know who poisoned your brother?” Lu Zijia suddenly thought of something and asked.

Mu Tianyan was her man now.
If her man was bullied, she must help him get back at that person.

As people said, she must protect her own man!

Mu Tianyan rubbed his head against her neck again and said with a slightly depressing tone “I do.
She’s the eldest daughter of the Gu family.
The Gu family is also a Martial Arts family and is on an equal footing with the Mu family.” Mu Tianyan didn’t hide anything from the girl in his arms.
He would tell her anything she wanted to know.

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“On an equal footing with the Mu family… So, what’s the status of their eldest daughter in the Gu family?”

The premise of getting back at her was that they had to figure out the other party’s strength.
Otherwise, they would only get themselves in trouble if they went to find her recklessly.

“She’s the only daughter of the current head of the Gu family and she’s quite talented.
She’s being raised as one of the next successors of the family.

“So, before I have the ability to resist the Gu family, I can’t take revenge for my brother and sister-in-law.”

Speaking of revenge, Mu Tianyan’s eyes burst out of strong viciousness.

“I’ll help you.”

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Lu Zijia blurted out without thinking, “I’ll take revenge for you and do justice for you.”

As one of the successors, the status of the eldest daughter of the Gu family was definitely not bad.
If she laid a hand on the eldest daughter of the Gu family, she would definitely attract the attention of the head of the Gu family.
Mu Tianyan still hadn’t made a move after so many years of planning.
Apparently, he wasn’t confident that he could escape unscathed after taking revenge.

Even Mu Tianyan wasn’t sure if he could escape unscathed, so Lu Zijia certainly wouldn’t dare to be careless.

Besides, she wasn’t even stronger than Mu Tianyan, who hadn’t recovered his power yet, right now!

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So, what she could do for now was to help Mu Tianyan improve his strength quickly.

Mu Tianyan was not only talented in Martial Arts, but also had the help of the bloodline of the Divine Dragon.
He could be said to be the favored son of God, so it wasn’t difficult for him to improve his strength.
Mu Tianyan, who felt like he was being treated as a kid by his wife, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that moment.
However, the viciousness in his eyes also disappeared at this moment and his originally depressed mood instantly improved.
“My wife is the best.” Mu Tianyan took the opportunity to bite his wife’s neck and take advantage of her again.

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“That’s right.
So, you must listen to me obediently from now on.
When I ask you to do something, you can’t do the opposite.

“The most important thing is that you can’t attract the attention of other women.
If I find out, you’ll be punished to kneel on the keyboard!”

Lu Zijia had no idea that she was being taken advantage of again.
After hearing what Mu Tianyan said about her, she repeated those two very meaningful quotes.

Mu Tianyan: “…” His wife was really getting smoother when she said these domineering words.

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