Hearing what the man said, Lu Zijia looked very obedient as she followed without resisting.

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She stopped two steps away from the man and asked, “What is it?”

Only God knew that she felt like collapsing because of the drugs wreaking havoc inside her.

But for her own life’s sake, she had to give it a try, and hopefully she could win the bet.

Since she had been given a chance by being reborn, she should not die so easily, right?

“Legs, cure them.”

Mu Tianyan had always been a very distant man and never talked much.
It was a miracle that he said so many words to Lu Zijia a while ago.

“Cure your legs?”

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For real?

Seeing no reaction from Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia thought that she had pointed out the truth.
So she showed a look of embarrassment.

“Well, are you hungry? I may not cure your legs, but I can call you delivery!”


In this world, there was some mysterious thing called a mobile phone.
It was a practical magical tool, just like the Goddess of Miles in Cultivation World.

She wanted to take a look at this device when she was completely safe.

Assuming that she was playing innocent, Mu Tianyan raised the gun once again and said with an even colder voice, “You have lost your last opportunity.”

Lu Zijia felt that she had been totally misunderstood.
Despite the original host’s memories that helped her understand what he was talking about…

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But she could not do that now!

This man was totally unreasonable!

Seeing that the man was about to pull the trigger, Lu Zijia decided to stop trying to talk sense into him.

Also, the drug inside her started to function, leaving her with no time to make any delays.

Probably because she appreciated the fact that she had been reborn, Lu Zijia used all of the potential strength of her body at once.



As the silenced gun made a muffled sound, Lu Zijia dodged the bullet that was rushing at her.

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Before the man could shoot another bullet, she threw herself at him, grabbing at the gun.
Then with great force, she successfully grabbed the black gun.

Although she had successfully obtained the fatal weapon, she could not control herself physically.
She again threw herself at the man in the wheelchair.

If the scene was seen from behind, it looked exactly like a starving tiger that had lunged at its prey.


The man reacted quickly.
He did not care about the robbed weapon but intended to take off directly with the wheelchair.

However, Lu Zijia reacted just as quickly.
The moment he was about to retreat, she hung onto the man’s neck with her arms.

Therefore, when the wheelchair was backing up at a high speed, Lu Zijia, who was clinging onto Mu Tianyan, was dragged alongside him.

The two bodies were tightly clinging onto each other.
They could feel each other’s body temperature clearly as both of them were dressed in thin outfits.

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Mu Tianyan’s coldness cooled down Lu Zijia’s extreme heat.

However, whilst Lu Zijia was feeling better, Mu Tianyan was not very pleased – he never liked having someone so close to him.

When he felt the extreme heat given off of Lu Zijia’s body, he very much wished to break her neck.

If someone broke in at this moment, the scene would cause endless conjecture.

But as a matter of fact, the two people, who were so tightly clinging onto each other, did not show any sense of flirtatiousness.
Instead, they both had the intention of killing the other at some point.

“Second Master of Mu, I suggest you not move.
I am not slower than you.”

Lu Zijia sensed that Mu Tianyan intended to kill her, so she reached the gun attached to Mu Tianyan’s waist whilst glancing over the other hand of hers that was holding over the man’s neck.

It was very easy to kill someone when you had a hand around his neck.

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