Chapter 499 You Should Call Me Honey

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“It’s really from Three Treasures.
There was news saying that the products of Three Treasures would ruin users’ faces.
Madam Song, I suggest you not use those whitening facial masks again.”

Fang Yueqiu certainly knew about the rumor of Three Treasures, but she still deeply believed that Master Lu wouldn’t hurt her.

Fang Yueqiu opened her mouth and was about to explain, but she happened to see a familiar face at the door from the corner of her eye.
She then stood up abruptly in excitement.
“Excuse me, I’m going to greet someone I know.” Fang Yueqiu didn’t care about being rude and quickly walked towards the entrance of the banquet venue.
Seeing her like this, Mao Yahui and the others couldn’t help showing curiosity on their faces, looking in the direction Fang Yueqiu walked towards.

They saw that a handsome man in a wheelchair was pushed into the banquet by a pretty, harmless girl.

“Second Master, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

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As soon as they entered the banquet, Lu Zijia couldn’t wait to walk towards the buffet area where the food was placed.

The corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth twitched slightly.
They had just had dinner before they went out.
His wife could really eat a lot.
However, it was a blessing to be able to eat.
Even if his wife became a fat little fox, he would still like her.

“You should call me honey or by name.” Mu Tianyan sounded a bit frustrated.

He had already called her “Madam” for so long, but she still called him “Second Master.” How frustrating…

Lu Zijia, who was attracted by the delicious food, didn’t notice his frustration at all.
She only nodded randomly and replied, “Alright, Mu Tianyan.”

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Mu Tianyan: “…” His wife was getting more and more naughty.
She was so naughty that she didn’t even know it.

“Master Lu, it’s been a while.”

Fang Yueqiu walked over quickly as she repressed the excitement in her heart and greeted Lu Zijia respectfully.

Then, she noticed Mu Tianyan sitting in the wheelchair and said with slight uncertainty, “Mr.

Although the Song family was connected to the Mu family, Mu Yunhao had always been the one dealing with the Song family, so the Song family had never seen Mu Tianyan, except for Song Zixuan.

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However, she could roughly guess Mu

Tianyan’s identity from Lu Zijia and the wheelchair.

Mu Tianyan had always been indifferent when facing other people.
He only nodded slightly at Fang Yueqiu as a response.
Fang Yueqiu didn’t think it was inappropriate.
After all, Mu Tianyan was famous for being cold and ruthless.
It was already good enough that she got a response.
“Madam Song, are the products I sent over good?” Feeling the weak spiritual energy on Fang Yueqiu’s face, Lu Zijia guessed that she must have already used the products she sent over.

Hearing Lu Zijia talk about those products, Fang Yueqiu praised them without hesitation and even said that she would definitely buy a few more sets of whitening masks when she got back.

She had already heard from her husband that Three Treasures belonged to the Du family and the Du family was Master Lu’s mother’s family.
Master Lu gave her skincare products, probably because she wanted to help the Du family.

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She had to buy skincare products anyway and she had to pay no matter which brand of skincare products she was going to buy.
The most important thing was to build a good relationship with Master Lu.

However, Lu Zijia shook her head.
“The ones I gave you are new products.
They’re not for sale yet, but if you want more now, I can ask someone to send some to you first.

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“Oh right, I’ll also make things like spot removal products, wrinkles removal products and weight loss products in the future.
I can let you have a try when the time comes.

“If you think the products are good, you can recommend them to your friends, Madam Song.”

In this way, she could advertise her products for free.

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