And the IP address where the post of the rumors was first released was an Internet café one kilometer away from the campus.

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The private detective had already been to that Internet cafe and checked the surveillance camera from a month ago.
He found that the student who quit school voluntarily was in that Internet cafe at that time.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Got it.
I’ll go ask that student.
Apart from the money, please ask the private detective to investigate one more person, Madam Jiang.

“That person’s name is Li Yunzi.
She’s a student at the Capital Drama Academy and is also Yang Qingtian’s classmate.”

“Alright, alright, no problem.
Don’t worry, Master.
I’ll definitely ask the private detective to look into it as soon as possible.” Zhu Meiyi nodded and replied.

The two of them talked for a while longer and Lu Zijia left the Jiang family after remembering the address of that student on the document.

In an old district.

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“Brother Weishu, Brother Weishu?”

A five-year-old girl, who was playing in the neighborhood, saw that her neighbor dropped something when he passed by, so she quickly picked it up and wanted to give it back to him.

However, after she called him a few times consecutively, her neighbor still ignored her.
She could only run over and grab his clothes.

However, as soon as her hand touched her neighbor’s clothes, she was flung away abruptly.

The little girl fell to the ground directly after being thrown away.
The pain in her butt immediately made the little girl cry.

The man she called Brother Weishu looked ordinary and he was about 22 or 23 years old.

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The man turned around and looked at the little girl he threw on the ground.
He immediately squatted down with an apologetic look.
“I’m sorry, Xiao Ni.
I didn’t do it on purpose.
Here, have this apple.
Don’t cry, alright?”

“Xiao Ni!”

A 27-year-old woman quickly ran over and carried her daughter who was still sitting on the ground.
“Xiao Ni, tell me quickly.
Does it hurt?”

The woman wiped her daughter’s tears and comforted her as she checked if she was hurt.

After confirming that her daughter wasn’t injured, the woman then looked at Liang Weishu, who looked apologetic.
“Weishu, what’s wrong with you? My daughter only helped you pick up your things out of kindness, but you swung her away.
Aren’t you too cruel doing that?”

Liang Weishu’s slightly pale face became even more apologetic.
“I’m sorry.
I didn’t do it on purpose just then.”

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Seeing that he apologized sincerely and that he was their neighbor, the woman said a few more words and left with her daughter.

After the mother and daughter left, Liang Weishu quietly picked up the things that fell on the ground silently and immediately walked home like a walking dead with lifeless eyes.

Lu Zijia, who put an Invisibility Talisman on herself, saw this scene and continued to follow Liang Weishu into his house.

Liang Weishu lived in a place with one room and one living room.
Apart from himself, there were no other people.

After confirming that there was no one else here, Lu Zijia set up a barrier in this house.
No matter how loud it was inside, people outside wouldn’t hear it at all.

“You can come out now.”

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Lu Zijia patted the talisman on her body and signaled Yang Qingtian, who was hiding inside, to come out.

Yang Qingtian hadn’t said a word since she came down from the roof of the school building yesterday, as if she didn’t exist at all.

If Lu Zijia didn’t feel her aura, she would have suspected that she had already run away.

After waiting for a while, Yang Qingtian still hadn’t come out of the talisman.

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but frown slightly.
“If you don’t cooperate, I’ll make you a ghost with an unjust death forever and the murderer who drove you to death by spreading rumors behind your back will also get away with it.”

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