Liang Weishu was extremely terrified.
He kowtowed to Yang Qingtian as he trembled like he had epilepsy.

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“You don’t want to die, and neither do I.
It’s you.
You drove me to death.
You should give me your life.”

Yang Qingtian grabbed Liang Weishu’s neck with one hand and forced him to look up at her.
“Have you seen how I look after I die? My head broke and was covered with blood.
Look, this is it.”

As soon as Yang Qingtian finished talking, she gradually turned into her horrifying look with blood all over her face after she died.


Liang Weishu finally couldn’t bear the stimulation.
His eyes rolled back and he passed out in shock.

Seeing that he passed out, Yang Qingtian retracted her hand and looked at Lu Zijia behind her.
“He didn’t say anything.
Could it not be him?”

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Lu Zijia was speechless: “…” He was already so scared that he passed out.
What else could he say?

Lu Zijia cast a spell and woke him up.

“Argh! Senior… Senior Yang, I didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t do it on purpose.
Please let me go!

“I didn’t know that things would turn out like this.
I never thought that I would drive you to death.
If I had known that things would turn out like this, I would never have done so.

“When I realized that something was wrong, I already regretted it, but I had no choice.
I really had no choice… Boohoo, I’m sorry, Senior Yang.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Liang Weishu, who was awakened, curled up in the corner in fear and buried his head between his arms, not daring to look at Yang Qingtian, whose face was full of blood.

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He even burst into tears at the end.

“Haha, you never thought you would drive me to death? But I died.
I died so unjustly, really unjustly!”

Yang Qingtian sneered and her sharp voice was full of resentment.
The black fog that surrounded her spirit also started to move violently, like a ferocious beast that could awaken at any time.

“However, what angers me the most is, why did you drag Mr.
Gao and the others in?

Gao is a very good person.
He’s really a very good mentor, do you know that? Why did you drag Mr.
Gao in? Tell me, tell me! Tell me why!”

Yang Qingtian shouted so heartbreakingly and sorrowfully that people couldn’t help but shed tears of heartache after hearing her words.

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“I asked you to talk.
I asked you to talk!”

Seeing that Liang Weishu buried his head and didn’t speak, Yang Qingtian grabbed his neck again and directly lifted him up.

Liang Weishu’s face flushed as he was strangled.
He tried to get rid of Yang Qingtian’s hands off his neck.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t touch her at all.

“Help, help, help…”

Liang Weishu’s widened eyes were full of fear and his face flushed even more because of the lack of oxygen.

“Don’t go too far.
I asked you to get information, not to kill.” Lu Zijia flashed and stood next to the two of them, saving Liang Weishu from Yang Qingtian’s hands.

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Lu Zijia didn’t go to help Liang Weishu up.
Liang Weishu directly fell to the ground miserably and he gasped for air desperately after surviving.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

Afraid that Yang Qingtian would really kill him, Liang Weishu cried and said before he could catch his breath, “I didn’t spread rumors about you on purpose, Senior Yang.
Someone paid me to do this.

“Also, I was forced to post those photos after that.
If I didn’t do that, she would tell on me and put all the blame on me.

“I was afraid.
I was afraid that she would really tell on me.
It wasn’t easy for me to get into university.
I didn’t want to be expelled, so I could only do what she wanted.”

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