Lu Zijia was using peaceful means before resorting to force.
If Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost were stubborn, she could only use strong measures.

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Hearing Lu Zijia ask about themselves, Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost weren’t angry and started talking instead.


“Little girl, you have no idea.
My husband and I were tortured by illness for five years and finally starved to death.


“Right in our old house.
People only knew we had been dead for several days when our bodies became stinky.


“My husband and I thought that with two sons, we would be able to die peacefully no matter how hard our life was.


“We had never thought that our later years would be so miserable.
Every time I think about it, I can’t help but feel angry and resentful in my heart!” Grandma Ghost said as her heart ached.
While she spoke, she kept patting her chest.
She had tears coursing down her cheeks.


In fact, if Grandma Ghost was still a human being, she would have already been weeping bitterly at this moment.

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Unfortunately, she was already a ghost.
Ghosts were just spirits and couldn’t shed tears.


After hearing their story, Lu Zijia came to a conclusion.


Fei Dingshan was unfilial and ungrateful.
He left his parents, who worked so hard to raise him, in the countryside without asking and caring about them.
After so many years, he still hadn’t gone to see them, even after they passed away.


So, after Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost passed away, they came to find Fei Dingshan, scolding and beating him every day.


In the words of Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, they were “educating” their ungrateful son and daughter-in-law.


As for the reason why there was such strong dark energy in Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, it was because they lay in bed and were tortured by illness for five years, passing away unpeacefully.

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The dark energy in them accumulated over the pain and suffering of those five years, and the fact that they didn’t die peacefully was the key point that caused their dark energy to burst.


Seeing Lu Zijia get along so well with these two evil spirits, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin looked ferocious and distorted.


Jin Junyi was even shocked and found it unbelievable.
There was a bit of depth in his eyes when he gazed at Lu Zijia.


Lu Zijia didn’t care about what Jin Junyi and the others thought.
After getting the conclusion, she waved at Fei Dingshan and his family.


“It’s alright for now.
Come here and have a seat.
I have something to ask you.”


Lu Zijia’s attitude was very casual as if she was really asking Fei Dingshan and the others to come over for a casual chat.

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Fei Dingshan had just been “educated” by Grandma Ghost just then, so his body was even weaker.
He could only stand up when his wife and daughter exerted themselves to hold him up right now.


After hearing what Lu Zijia had said, he reflexively looked at Jin Junyi, whom he thought was the most powerful one among them.


Noticing Fei Dingshan’s gaze, Jin Junyi hesitated and nodded slightly.


After that, he also dragged his severely injured, heavy body to sit opposite Lu Zijia.


When Fei Dingshan, his family, Tong Kexin, and Che Zhibin saw this, they all sat back on the couch again one after another.


But this time, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin dared not to sit where they sat before.

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“Master… Master Lu?”


After Fei Dingshan sat down with help, he looked at Lu Zijia, who was one seat away from him, with a perturbed mind.


Lu Zijia didn’t talk nonsense and directly asked, “Did your parents live in an old house in the countryside?”


Fei Dingshan was stunned and he blurted out, “How do you know about that, Master Lu? My parents have indeed been living in an old house in the countryside.
I haven’t seen them for many years already.”


Speaking of his parents, Fei Dingshan heaved a heavy sigh with his eyes full of longing.


However, he looked like he seemed to be hiding something unspeakable.

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