Facing Yang Qingtian’s almost begging gaze, Lu Zijia shook her head.
“I’m not the God of Destiny.
You’re the only one who can control your own fate.”

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As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she removed the Invisibility Talisman and showed herself in front of Liang Weishu.

Seeing another person suddenly appear in front of him, Liang Weishu was so scared that he almost passed out again.

“Go to the Capital Drama Academy with me and tell them everything you’ve done, or…”

Lu Zijia said to Liang Weishu and even glanced in Yang Qingtian’s direction deliberately.
The threat was obvious without saying.

Liang Weishu was certainly unwilling, because once he told the truth, half of his life would be ruined, but if he didn’t, he would only die.

Between life and death, he finally chose to live.
Even if people would judge him for his entire life in the future, he still wanted to live.

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Lu Zijia took him to the Capital Drama Academy and sent a text message to invite the relevant personnel to go to the academy as well.
In the end, she informed some reporters.

There were all kinds of unbearable rumors about Yang Qingtian circulating not only in the school, but also all over the outside world.
If she wanted to do Yang Qingtian justice completely, she certainly had to involve those reporters outside.

As soon as Lu Zijia arrived at the school, the private detective told her that he had already found the person who transferred the money to Liang Weishu and some information about Li Yunzi.

After Lu Zijia asked the private detective to send the information to her phone, she took Liang Weishu to the roof of the building where Yang Qingtian jumped down that day.

“Just stand here and wait for more people.”

Lu Zijia pressed Liang Weishu, whose legs were trembling, on the spot where Yang Qingtian jumped off the building.
After thinking for a while, she flashed and went to the school’s broadcast room to grab a loudspeaker.

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“God! Is there someone standing there?”

“Ah! There’s really someone standing on the roof.
Does someone want to jump down again?”

“No way! Someone just jumped off a building a month ago, and now someone wants to do it again.
What’s wrong with our school this year? Is it possessed?”

“I think there must be something filthy in our school.
Otherwise, why are there always people jumping off buildings?”

“Why are you still chatting here? Call the police and inform the teachers! That’s a life!”

After the first person noticed Liang Weishu on the roof, a lot of people quickly came downstairs to watch.

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As more and more people gathered downstairs, Liang Weishu’s face became paler and paler and his face was full of despair.

At this moment, he finally understood that he was destroying himself bit by bit while destroying others.

He was probably the one who shot himself in the foot…

As time passed, the teachers and the principal of the school soon arrived, followed by the police and reporters.

“Liang Weishu, it’s Liang Weishu who wants to jump off the building!

“Isn’t he usually quite cheerful? Why would he suddenly decide to commit suicide?”

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“Right, I also don’t think he’s someone who would take things too hard.
Besides, he’s already quit school voluntarily for almost a month.
Why would he still come back to school?”

“Yeah, isn’t this teaching building and that place where Yang Qingtian jumped down from before? This… This is really a bit creepy!”

“Hearing what you said, I also think it’s a bit creepy.
Otherwise, how would there be such a coincidence?”

“Could it be that Yang Qingtian’s ghost came back to cause trouble?”

“Bah, what are you talking about? How can there be such a thing in the world? It’s purely a coincidence!”

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