Lu Zijia could see that there was something strange about him, so she continued asking, “How many years has it been since you last saw them? Why didn’t you go back to see them? You parents should be quite old.
Aren’t you worried about their health?”

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She could see from Fei Dingshan’s face that he was a good son.
He was definitely not someone who would leave his old parents in the countryside without caring about them.


And yet, Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost reproached Fei Dingshan for being unfilial so surely.


There must be a huge misunderstanding in this.


“How can I not worry?”


Fei Dingshan blurted out and then heaved a heavy sigh again.
“As a son, how would I not want to fulfill my filial duties to take care of my parents, who worked so hard to raise me?


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“After my family settled down, I wanted to bring my parents over to live with us so that I could take care of them well.


“My parents also agreed at first, but after two days, they suddenly called and scolded me harshly, saying that I was ungrateful.”


It had already been six years now since this happened, but he was still confused at the moment because he didn’t understand why his old parents scolded him inexplicably at all.


He even wanted to go there in person to ask his parents what exactly happened.


And yet, he had never thought that his parents would kick him out forcibly when he was at the door of the house.
They didn’t allow him to step into the door of their old home ever again and said things like they didn’t have a son like him.


Fei Dingshan was anxious and also confused at that time.
He had no idea how he pissed his parents off at all.

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After a period of time, he also tried to improve his relationship with his parents and planned to apologize to them first so he could figure out what exactly angered them.


However, six years had passed and he still hadn’t been forgiven by his parents.
He wasn’t even allowed to see them.


But in these six years, he never gave up supporting his parents after all, even though they didn’t recognize him as their son.


In order to let his parents, who had worked hard for most of their lives, to enjoy the rest of their days, he sent quite a large amount of money to them every month and had never stopped over the last six years.


“Yes, I can testify to that.


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“I’ve always been responsible for sending money to his parents.
If you don’t believe us, you can check the records at the bank.
They must have a record of my money transfers to the two of them.”


Madam Fei was afraid that Lu Zijia and the others would misunderstand her husband, so she quickly explained after her husband finished talking.


“What you said sounds pretty good.
Who knows if you have done something on the bank records?”


Tong Kexin, who had anger in her mind, spoke abruptly and sarcastically.


If Fei Dingshan had really supported his parents, why would they possibly come to find him after they passed away?


They embarrassed her so much and she didn’t even know if she could survive right now!

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As soon as Tong Kexin spoke, the expressions of Madam Fei and her family immediately changed.
If it weren’t for Tong Kexin’s identity, Fei Dingshan would probably have already been enraged.




Fei Weiwei was so furious that she wanted to refute Tong Kexin, but Madam Fei stopped her swiftly.


Even though she was also angry that her moral standing was being doubted, the other party was someone from the Special Administration Office and a Taoist Master, someone who couldn’t be offended easily.


Thinking of this, Madam Fei repressed the anger in her mind and used her eyes to signal her daughter not to speak recklessly.


“Fellow Tong, please mind your words,” Jin Junyi frowned and reminded Tong Kexin.

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