“Who are you?” The Eldest Senior Brother stared at Lu Zijia in shock and asked a bit doubtfully.

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As far as they knew, Lu Zijia was from the Special Administration Office, and most of the people who joined the Special Administration Office were disciples who weren’t favored in the sect, so they certainly weren’t very strong.

Besides, they also found that Lu Zijia was just an ordinary person a few months ago.
She had only been cultivating officially for about six months.

Six months wasn’t even enough for Martial Artists and sorcerers to reach the elementary level.

And because of that, they didn’t take Lu Zijia, a sorcerer who wasn’t even at the elementary level, seriously.

However, they had never thought that Lu Zijia had the ability to take one of them down completely! This was totally different from what they had expected!

They didn’t believe that Lu Zijia could be stronger than them after only cultivating for six months, so they suspected that they must have found the wrong person.

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Lu Zijia sneered and her eyes were deep and cold.
“You came to catch me without knowing who I am.
Isn’t that too much? Isn’t it a bit too irresponsible?

“I hate irresponsible people the most.”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she retrieved the copper furnace that had already beaten the Third Junior Brother to half-death.

“Come, there’s no one here.
It’s very suitable for fighting.”

Lu Zijia said as she swung the copper furnace in her hand at the two remaining Taoist Priests, regardless of whether they were ready or not.

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At this moment, Lu Zijia looked just like a violent lolita who ate Popeye’s spinach!

The two Taoist Priests couldn’t help being startled by her violence.
When they reacted, their faces immediately turned pale.

“Hm! I’ll see how capable you are!”

The Second Senior Brother growled in anger and embarrassment, then immediately confronted Lu Zijia’s attack with the Eldest Senior Brother.

If it was a one-on-one battle, they weren’t confident that they could win, but it was two against one and the situation would be different!

Perhaps they were angered by Lu Zijia’s aggressive attack, the two of them attacked fiercely, looking like they were going to cripple Lu Zijia.

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And yet, even though they were ruthless, Lu Zijia was even more ruthless than they were!

The spiritual power in their bodies was circulating at full force and every attack was full of strong power, as if they were going to fight with her to death, giving people a huge mental pressure.

Every time Lu Zijia consumed more than half of the spiritual power in her body, she would take the spiritual power from the Ancient Space to replenish herself, so she didn’t have to worry that she would become a piece of fish that was at the mercy of others after the spiritual power in her body was used up.

Luckily, the Ancient Space had been upgraded ahead of time, or she would probably have to run for her life today.

Compared to Lu Zijia who had a cheat weapon, those two Taoist Priests were already starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Whether it was the depletion of magical power or physical strength, they already felt powerless.

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While the two of them were shocked by Lu Zijia’s power, they both thought of retreating.

Even though they couldn’t bring her back and would be punished by their master, it was better than losing their lives.

Thinking of this, the two of them looked at each other at the same time.
After reaching a mutual understanding, they tried to find an opportunity to retreat.

As for the Third Junior Brother, who was knocked out on the ground, they couldn’t care less.

Noticing that the two of them were about to retreat, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up and she sneered.
They wanted to run? That would depend on whether she had vented her anger or not!

“Bang! Bang! Poof!”

The two of them were just glad that they found a chance to retreat, but as soon as they turned around, the copper furnace swung from Lu Zijia’s hand suddenly hit their backs and they immediately spurted out a mouthful of blood.

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