Lu Zijia took the opportunity to rush over and kick the two of them to the ground, then jumped up and stepped on them with one foot on each of their backs.

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“Didn’t you say you were going to dote on me? Why? Does it still hurt? Does it still hurt?”

Every time Lu Zijia said something, she would control the copper furnace and throw it at their butts, making a muffled sound every time.

The two Taoist Priests wanted to get up and knock Lu Zijia to the ground, but as soon as they moved, they felt the foot on the back of their necks stepping down fiercely, almost breaking them.

“Argh! Argh!”

The sharp pain on their necks made the two of them scream at the same time.
They struggled unconsciously with their hands and legs.
At a glance, they looked like two turtles with their shells flipped.

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“Who asked you to move? Did I ask you to move? Huh? Do you still dare to move? I’m asking you a question.
Do you still dare to move?”

Lu Zijia seemed to have eyes on her back.
As soon as they moved, she exerted her force with her feet, making the two of them scream constantly and not daring to act rashly.

Of course, she still didn’t stop controlling the copper furnace to hit their butts.

The two Taoist Priests showed strong resentment in their eyes when their butts were hit and their necks were stepped on.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, they even felt extremely humiliated.
Their ferocious and distorted looka seemed like they couldn’t wait to tear Lu Zijia apart and swallow her alive.

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Lu Zijia wasn’t happy when she didn’t hear their reply.
So, she said, “Come on, come on, furnace.
It doesn’t matter even if their butts are smashed into pieces.
After all, we don’t have to pay for their medical expenses by smashing their butts.

“Furnace, you have to work harder and do justice for me, your master.
Don’t be gentle with them!”

That copper furnace seemed to have heard what its master said and instantly smashed even harder, making the two Taoist Priests, who could originally tolerate it, immediately scream in pain.

“Oh yeah! Furnace, you’re awesome.
Keep it up!”

Lu Zijia clenched her fists and cheered the small copper furnace on as she stepped on their necks hard inadvertently, making the two Taoist Priests under her feet almost suffocate.

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“Argh! Argh! No, no, no, I don’t dare to move anymore.
Stop crushing me, don’t crush me!”

The Second Senior Brother couldn’t help but surrender first, begging Lu Zijia for mercy while screaming.

“I… Argh… I’m not moving anymore.
Let me go, let me go! Stop!”

Lu Zijia was hitting them pleasantly, so she pretended not to hear what they said and continued to hit them fiercely.

They dared to tease her.
If she didn’t give them an unforgettable experience, she would really let them down!

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While Lu Zijia was having the time of her life crushing them, Luo Baode rushed to the alley anxiously.

However, when he saw the brutal torturing scene in front of him clearly, he couldn’t help but gasp abruptly.

When… When did this girl become so violent? She looked so slim and harmless, but she was actually violent!

Lu Zijia seemed to sense something.
She turned around and waved at Luo Baode with a smile as if nothing had happened.
“Hi, Director.
Why did you pass by here so coincidentally?”

Seeing her smiling face, Luo Baode couldn’t help but swallow with difficulty.

People said never to anger women, because women weren’t human when they became violent.
Indeed, it was the truth!

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