Stronger, this bronze mirror Dharma weapon had become stronger! How… How was this possible?

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Was this not the bronze mirror Dharma weapon he gave that girl before?

No, no, this was the Dharma weapon he gave that girl before.
It couldn’t be wrong.

But why did the Dharma weapon’s attack become stronger? Did that girl do this?

Thinking of this possibility, Luo Baode was surprised but he thought it was impossible either.

After all, he had refined this bronze mirror Dharma weapon himself.
That girl was so young.
No matter how talented she was, she couldn’t possibly surpass him, right?

Even though Luo Baode thought so, he still kept this question in his mind, thinking to ask Lu Zijia the next time he saw her.

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“Ah Yan, Ah Yan, Ah Yan! Are you home? I need your help!”

As soon as Lu Zijia returned to the old mansion of the Mu family, she started yelling even before she walked into the mansion.

Mu Yunhao happened to come downstairs after reporting to his Second Master about work.
As soon as he heard what Lu Zijia said, he immediately thought something serious had happened.
His body immediately flashed and he quickly rushed over to Lu Zijia.

“Madame, what happened?” Mu Yunhao stopped in front of Lu Zijia and asked anxiously.

Seeing a person suddenly appearing in front of her eyes, Lu Zijia immediately stopped the car and said seriously, “Something serious happened.
It’s something that concerns my life.
Move aside first.
I’m in a hurry to find your Second Master to save my life!”

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Lu Zijia said as she dragged him aside and walked straight into the mansion.

Mu Yunhao, who was dragged to the side: “…”

Why did he feel like Madame wasn’t looking for Second Master to save her life, but more like for a prank?

“What’s wrong?” Mu Tianyan, who heard the noise upstairs, also came down quickly.

“Ah Yan, help!”

The moment Lu Zijia saw Mu Tianyan, she immediately ran over without caring about her image at all.

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Mu Yunhao, who watched silently from behind: “…” So, Madame also had a day when she became a lackey!

“What happened?”

Mu Tianyan frowned slightly and sized her up from head to toe.
After making sure that she was not injured, he was a bit relieved.
“Did you encounter something you can’t solve?”

With his wife’s personality, unless she really encountered something she couldn’t solve, she definitely wouldn’t ask him for help so directly.

However, what exactly couldn’t his wife solve? To be honest, he was a bit curious.

Lu Zijia was in front of Mu Tianyan right now with her hands behind her back and she drew circles on the ground with one foot.
“Well, didn’t I take away the power of the Deputy Director before? The brother of the Deputy Director is here for me now.”

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Speaking of this, Lu Zijia felt so wronged and the expression on her face also became aggrieved.
“The person who killed the Deputy Director is the Director, but the person who’s taking revenge for the Deputy Director is coming to me.
I’m so unlucky!

“The Deputy Director’s brother is obviously bullying a weakling like me.
That’s not what a gentleman does!”

Mu Yunhao: “…” It was indeed the Director who killed the Deputy Director at that time.
However, even if the Director didn’t do anything, the Deputy Director would still die from serious injuries.

So, their Madame was really good at putting the blame on others!

And Mu Tianyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing what his wife said.

However, his eyes were full of love and joy.

His wife had already learned to complain to him and to ask him for help when she needed something.
This was a good thing.

Because this proved that his wife had already started to regard herself as Mu Tianyan’s wife.

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