“Isn’t it a bit too late for you to worry now, Madam?” Mu Tianyan raised his index finger and knocked her forehead gently, sounding a bit teasing.

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He had already expected this situation to happen the day the Deputy Director died, so he had already informed his master to come to the capital.

He told his wife before that his master came to see him after knowing that the poison in his body was removed, but it was only one of the reasons.

Lu Zijia didn’t dodge.
She stood there and let him knock her head obediently.
It didn’t hurt anyway, did it?

However, judging from his tone, he seemed to have expected that someone would come to find her because of the Deputy Director?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia also asked.

Mu Tianyan pinched her pretty nose and her fair little face as he chuckled.
“Looks like my wife isn’t dumb.”

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Hm, his wife was really getting better to pinch.
He couldn’t get enough of it no matter what.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at him after hearing that.
She had always been smart, alright?

“Slap! That’s enough! If you pinch me again, my face will be deformed!”

Feeling that the hand that was playing around on her face wasn’t stopping, Lu Zijia finally couldn’t bear it and slapped it away.

Seriously, this man! He should just hop around in the garden if he had ADHD.
Why did he always have to touch her?


That was totally despicable!

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The corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up and he put his peerlessly handsome face close to her skillfully.
“Then, Madame, pinch my face.
It doesn’t matter if it’s deformed.”

He wasn’t afraid that his face would deform, but that his wife wouldn’t get close to him.

Even though he had confirmed his relationship with his wife, they still slept in separate rooms!

At this moment, Mu Tianyan was extremely regretful in his mind.
Why didn’t he arrange his wife to stay in his room on the first day when she first came to the Mu Family?

He truly regretted his mistake back then!

Lu Zijia: “…” Apart from ADHD, this man was also into masochism.
Identification completed!

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Mu Yunhao, who was still standing quietly at the door, couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

Even though he had already seen his Second Master act shameless many times, he still found it a bit unbearable to look at every time!

His Second Master didn’t care about his image at all in front of Madame.

After knowing that Mu Tianyan made arrangements, Lu Zijia was no longer worried and trusted Mu Tianyan completely.

Without worrying about the Fourth Elder, Lu Zijia also started her alchemy plan with ease.

Even though the spiritual plants in the Ancient Space grew quickly, they weren’t at the level where they would grow in two to three days, so she could only refine elixirs without grades right now.

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Elixirs without grades didn’t need spiritual plants.
They just needed to be nourished with spiritual energy.

So, for the sake of her own life, Lu Zijia was terrified for the first time since she came to this world.
She hid in the old mansion of the Mu family for a few days consecutively, either growing herbs or refining elixirs.

Of course, she also didn’t forget to give the Du family whitening ointment and acne removal cream.

During these days, the Du brothers had already made the whitening ointment and acne removal cream Lu Zijia sent to them into whitening facial masks and acne removal solution.

So far, the stock had already reached more than 20,000 sets.
She just had to find a suitable time to put them on sale.

Ye Nanxi had already told Lu Zijia about the whitening facial masks and acne removal solution she gave to Zhang Junning, an A-list celebrity, and Lu Zijia also told her uncles about it.

That was why the Du brothers decided to wait for a suitable time to make their new product popular overnight!

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