In a building in the remote suburbs.

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An old man with white beard and black hair was meditating.
Suddenly, the old man seemed to notice something and he suddenly opened his sharp old eyes.

“Knock, knock… Fourth Elder, I have something to report.”

Someone knocked on the door of the room, followed by a respectful yet cautious male voice.

The old man who was called Fourth Elder frowned slightly, as if he was displeased that someone disturbed his cultivation.

But he still let the disciple come in to report.

“Tell me! What’s wrong?” Taoist Qingxuan glanced at the disciple who came in coldly and said fiercely.

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That disciple subconsciously scrunched his body and lowered his head.
There was also a slight tremor in his voice.
“Fourth Elder, there’s news from the disciples watching the Mu family.
They said that the girl who killed Senior Xuening is an alchemist.”

“An alchemist?” Taoist Qingxuan’s gaze immediately became sharp and his old eyes glittered with a dark light, as if he was thinking about something.

Even though they couldn’t hear what they said, the disciples watching the Mu family did see that girl take out some pills.

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“Besides, when the three Senior Brothers went to catch that girl, they also saw a copper furnace in her hand.
It should be used to refine pills.”

Speaking of the three Senior Brothers, a weird look appeared on the disciple’s face for a second.

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About a week ago, his three Senior Brothers went out confidently to catch the murderer that killed Senior Xuening.
Unexpectedly, they were thrown back half-dead.

Also, something seemed to be wrong with the Third Senior Brother’s private area.
When he woke up, he became even more ruthless than before.

“Oh right, one more thing.”

That disciple suddenly remembered something and he quickly said again, “According to the disciples who are watching them, the Second Master of the Mu family isn’t disabled like the rumors say.”

“Is he pretending?” Taoist Qingxuan’s face became sullen slightly, as if he really didn’t want to hear this news.

“Well… I don’t know.” That disciple mumbled.

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“What do you know? Useless!” That disciple’s reply made Taoist Qingxuan glare at him coldly.

That disciple lowered his head even more and he even broke out in cold sweat on his back, not daring to make a sound.


Seeing the look of that disciple, Taoist Qingxuan snorted in disdain.
“If Mu Tianyan is really pretending, he should have noticed that someone was watching them.

“Perhaps he asked the girl to pretend to be an alchemist in order to make me worry about that girl’s identity and hence let her go.

“Hm! That kid from the Mu family really planned well!”

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“Fourth Elder, you’re so wise.”

That disciple immediately flattered him.
Of course, he also thought what Taoist Qingxuan said was right in his mind.

After all, the disciple who sent the message said that the girl took out the pills in the front garden at that time.
She might have let the people that were watching them see that on purpose.

Mu Tianyan used to be the genius of the main family of the Mu family, so it wasn’t strange that he had a few pills with him.

“Hm! It’s not so easy for that kid to set me up! Keep watching.
I don’t believe that girl will never step out of the Mu family!

“That girl not only killed my sister, but also injured my disciples.
I definitely won’t let that d*mn girl die so easily!” Taoist Qingxuan sneered.

“Yes, Fourth Elder.” The disciple felt a chill in his heart and he quickly replied before leaving respectfully.

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