“Master… Master Lu, who… who are you talking to? Is… Is that really… my parents?”

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Fei Dingshan and his family were stuck at the door because of Grandma Ghost just then, so they didn’t see Lu Zijia talk to the air and didn’t hear what she said to Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost at first.


Seeing the scene where Lu Zijia talked to the air and thinking about what Tong Kexin said just then, Fei Dingshan and his wife only felt devastated.


Even Fei Weiwei, who was a bit confused about the entire incident, seemed to have realized something at this moment.
Her eyes popped out and were full of disbelief.


“No, no, how is this possible? This is impossible, impossible!


“I call my big brother every week.
He even told me my parents were well a few days ago.
And now, they suddenly… suddenly…”


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Fei Dingshan couldn’t continue speaking anymore.
At this moment, he had already burst into tears, crying like a child.


Even though Fei Dingshan didn’t want to believe it, his sanity told him that Lu Zijia and the others didn’t have to put on a show to deceive him.


“Mom, Dad…”


Madam Fei’s eyes also turned red and tears finally dropped after welling up in her eye sockets.


Although she hadn’t spent a lot of time with her parents-in-law, she would never forget the kindness of the two elders to her.


However… However, why… why did such kind elders pass away just like that?

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Besides, she and her husband had no idea about it at all.
The two of them only knew that her parents-in-law passed away when they came after they died.
This was a severe blow!


“Grandpa, Grandma…”


Fei Weiwei looked sadly in the direction that Lu Zijia talked to as if she wanted to see her grandparents.


When she was small, her parents were busy with work and she stayed in the countryside with her grandparents for a few years, so she certainly had deep feelings for these two elders.


Even though her grandparents didn’t allow her family to visit them in the countryside and weren’t willing to see her, she had never forgotten how well they treated her in the past.


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“Mom, Dad! Boohoo…”


Fei Dingshan knelt straight on his knees with sorrow on his face that was covered in traces of time.


“Mom, Dad, I’m an unfilial son! Boohoo…”


Fei Dingshan found himself choked up again after saying a few words, and he then choked again after saying another few words.
He kept apologizing to his parents intermittently, saying that he was unfilial.


Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost thought they were wrong about their second son after hearing that he did send money to support the two of them.


And now, when they heard their second son apologizing to them, they thought they had blamed him wrongly.

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So, the resentment in the minds of the two elders was aroused and the Yin energy in them swept straight towards Fei Dingshan.


Seeing that Fei Dingshan, who was more dead than alive, was in danger, Jin Junyi was startled and he subconsciously wanted to go to save him.


And yet, before he did anything, he saw Lu Zijia wave her hand casually as the storm of Yin energy sweeping towards Fei Dingshan vanished immediately.


Jin Junyi could still control his expression the last several times, but this time, he couldn’t at all.


He might not be able to take that storm of Yin energy calmly even when he was at his best, let alone making it disappear so easily like Lu Zijia did!


After finding out more about Lu Zijia, Che Zhibin stared at her like he had seen a ghost as disbelief and a trace of unnoticeable fear appeared in his eyes.

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