Lu Zijia wasn’t in a hurry to explain where the pills came from.
Instead, she said, “Originally, the pills are for you, Director.
But since you’re busy, I can only give them to someone else.”

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Lu Zijia said as she was about to put away the pills again.


Luo Baode exclaimed, “Girl, what did you say? These pills are for me?”

Luo Baode even doubted if he was hallucinating because he was too obsessed with pills.

This d*mn girl in front of him was someone that was even more miserly than him.
Why would she suddenly give him pills out of kindness?

Thinking of this, Luo Baode immediately became vigilant, afraid that he would be tricked by Lu Zijia again.

“Yeah!” Lu Zijia nodded sincerely.

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“These pills are for me for free?” Luo Baode continued asking with uncertainty.

Lu Zijia nodded again.
“Right! But Director, you said you’re busy, so you don’t have time to break through with the pills.
It’s a bit of a waste if you can’t break through to the next level, so I can only give them to someone else.”

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Mu Tianyan, who was standing next to Lu Zijia, couldn’t help smiling when he saw his wife teasing someone seriously.

His wife was always so cute.

Luo Baode: “!!!” She really gave him pills for free.
When did this girl become so generous?

Those were Vitality Pills.
They were priceless and hard to find!

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Even though he still felt that something was wrong, seeing that Lu Zijia was about to put away the pills, Luo Baode didn’t care what was strange.

“Wait! Who said I’m very busy? I obviously have a lot of time!”

For the sake of the pills, Luo Baode, as the head of a department, didn’t hesitate to contradict himself and deny what he said before.

Morality was really easy to be abandoned!


Lu Zijia tilted her head in confusion.
“But you just said that…”

“No, I didn’t say anything!”

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Before Lu Zijia finished talking, Luo Baode interrupted her impatiently.

Lu Zijia: “…” If you didn’t say anything, why are you so moody?

Luo Baode ignored Lu Zijia’s weird gaze and said shamelessly, “Didn’t you say that the pills are for me?”

Luo Baode’s eyes were burning and he almost reached out his hand to Lu Zijia!

Lu Zijia shrugged.
“If you’re free, I’ll give you the pills.”

Lu Zijia said as she threw the pills over, not worried that they would fall on the floor at all.

However, even though she wasn’t worried, Luo Baode was startled by her rough movement.

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“D*mn girl, how can you handle the pills like this? These are pills.
The Vitality Pills are so hard to find.
Do you think they’re cheap cabbages?”

After catching the pills in fear, Luo Baode immediately glared at Lu Zijia furiously, as if she was a person who committed a huge crime.

Lu Zijia said with an innocent look, “Director, even if the cabbage mutated, there wouldn’t be such a small cabbage in the world!”

Mu Yunhao, who was sitting quietly on the side: “…” Madame was really going to anger him to death!

As expected, Luo Baode almost had a heart attack because of what she said.

“D*mn girl, you have a sharp tongue!” Luo Baode took a deep breath and said speechlessly.

Luo Baode immediately ignored Lu Zijia, this irritating little bastard, and carefully poured out the pills in the jade bottle to have a look.

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