“I just know how to make it.
What’s so strange about that?” Lu Zijia asked indifferently.

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She had no choice.
She certainly couldn’t tell him the truth, or the Director might catch her as a ghost!

Luo Baode: “!!!”

What was so strange about it? This girl actually asked what was strange about it? It was really strange!

However, it wasn’t that there were no signs of it in this girl.

The girl suddenly changed more than six months ago.
Perhaps she got some luck at that time.

If it was a lucky opportunity, she certainly wouldn’t tell anyone.

Thinking of this, Luo Baode stopped asking this question.

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In short, it was a good thing that this girl knew how to refine pills.
At least, when he bought pills in the future, he could ask this girl to lower the price for her superior, right?

Thinking of this, Luo Baode calmed down very quickly and even smiled at Lu Zijia with a gratified look.

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However, his smile immediately made Lu Zijia vigilant.
She thought, “He was glaring at me just then, and now he’s smiling at me all of a sudden.
This doesn’t seem normal at all!”

Did the Director want her to do something hard again?

Master Lu had discovered half of the truth!

“Girl, are you really giving me the pills for free?” Luo Baode couldn’t help asking again.

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Even if this girl knew how to refine pills, it should be very difficult to do so, right? And the quality was so good.
Perhaps she only got a few of them because of good luck.

“Yeah, yeah!”

Lu Zijia nodded constantly and immediately urged, “Director, quickly take one and try to break through!”

As long as the Director made a breakthrough, she could ask him to fight with the Fourth Elder.

If the Director could seriously injure the Fourth Elder, that would be great.

As long as the Fourth Elder was seriously injured, he probably wouldn’t have the mood to keep an eye on a junior like her.

Hearing her urging, Luo Baode seemed a bit speechless.
“Girl, no matter how good the quality of your Vitality Pills are, it’s impossible for me to break through after taking them.”

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Luo Baode had been stuck at the peak of level five of Ancient Martial Arts for many years, so he certainly knew that clearly in his mind.

However, even though he said that, he had no intention of letting go of the jade bottle at all.

“It’s alright, I’ve already prepared everything for the Director.

“He can still have a chance of breaking through if he takes ten to twenty pills at once.”

Lu Zijia said as she pretended to take out four jade bottles the size of three fingers from her pocket again.


Looking at the four jade bottles Lu Zijia took out again, Luo Baode was totally dumbfounded.
“Don’t tell me you made these pills as well.”

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Twenty pills would take at least a month to refine, right?

This girl, she hid it too well!

If it weren’t for Taoist Qingxuan, this girl would probably continue to hide her ability, wouldn’t she?

Thinking of this, Luo Baode immediately felt a bit indignant.
He treated this wretched girl so well that he even gave her the bronze mirror, one of his treasures.

But what about this d*mn girl? She didn’t even tell him, the Director, that she knew how to refine pills.
What an… ungrateful d*mn girl!

In fact, if he knew that this girl was an alchemist, he could have found someone to protect her earlier.

Lu Zijia, who didn’t know what Luo Baode was thinking in her mind, nodded constantly and said, “Right, right, Director, you should try to break through quickly.
We’re watching over you!”

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