Mu Yunhao: “…” Was Madame trying to anger him to death?

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Luckily, Director Luo’s heart was strong enough, or he would probably be so enraged that he would spurt out blood and pass out right now.

Sure enough, even if he offended the Second Master, he must not offend the Madame who liked to trick people.
Otherwise, he really wouldn’t even know how he died!

Luo Baode clutched his chest with one hand and pointed at Lu Zijia with the other hand that was trembling, as if he had an illness that made his hands shake.

Lu Zijia still looked innocent, as if she had no idea why Luo Baode was even angrier.

“You said pills were free just then.
You’re going back on your words now!” Luo Baode gritted her teeth and said.

Couldn’t this wretched girl show weakness to him once? She was truly a wretched girl who didn’t know how to respect her elders!

If he ever got a heart attack, it was definitely because of this wretched girl.

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Lu Zijia frowned slightly and asked the man next to her, “Did I say they’re free?”

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Luo Baode’s gaze immediately landed on Mu Tianyan swiftly.
That burning gaze seemed to want to bore a hole through him.

Mu Tianyan didn’t seem to notice Luo Baode’s gaze.
He said cooperatively, “No.”

As a good husband, he was certainly very willing to cooperate when his wife tricked people.

Mu Yunhao: “…” Second Master’s morality had already gone further and further away.
He didn’t know if he could still get it back.

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Luo Baode: “…” Mu Tianyan was obviously lying for that stupid girl.
He was totally… shameless!

However, seeing this scene in front of him, he inexplicably felt a bit envious.
What was going on?

He used to lie with his eyes open to help someone he liked.

Unfortunately, what happened in the past was long gone.

A touch of sadness flashed through Luo Baode’s eyes, but he soon collected himself.

“D*mn girl, you’re ruthless! I really owed you in my previous life!” In the end, Luo Baode still lost another round.
After all, he was unable to pay 10 million.

Lu Zijia, who had successfully tricked him, made a “Y” gesture with her little hand, which was being played with by the man next to her, looking serious on the outside.

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Mu Tianyan, who saw what she did, chuckled and raised his hand to pinch her face.

After leaving the old mansion of the Mu family, Luo Baode, who was tricked again, directly caught a Maoshan Sect disciple who was watching the Mu family nearby and went to where Taoist Qingxuan was.

Another Maoshan Sect disciple who wasn’t caught immediately called and delivered the news.

“Bang! Ridiculous! That kid is willing to become my enemy for a little girl!

“Hm! Good, good, very good! I want to see how capable that kid is!”

After hearing the news, Taoist Qingxuan sneered and his old eyes were full of malice.

However, an hour later, Taoist Qingxuan, who was originally full of confidence and didn’t take Luo Baode seriously, left the capital in a hurry with his disciples messily.

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After hearing the news, Lu Zijia couldn’t help smiling relaxedly.
She made the right bet this time.

“Right, there’s something else.”

Mu Yunhao, who reported the situation of the battle, said again, “Taoist Qingxuan of the Maoshan Sect isn’t at level six, but level five.”

“Level five in sorcery?” Lu Zijia couldn’t help looking surprised.

Didn’t the Director say that the Fourth Elder was a level-six sorcerer before? Was he wrong?

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