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Mu Yunhao nodded.
“I’ve already confirmed with Director Luo that Taoist Qingxuan is indeed only at level five of magic.

“As for why he said to people that he was at level six, no one knows.”

Lu Zijia didn’t think too much about it, as long as he had left the capital.

At least, she would be safe for a while.

And in this short period of time, she had to develop into someone that even the Maoshan Sect wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her easily, at least not openly.

As for how she could develop herself, it certainly by using the pills.

There were very few alchemists in this world and the speed of those alchemists refining pills was extremely slow.

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According to Mu Yunhao, an alchemist could only refine about a dozen or two dozen pills in a month.

And her output far exceeded that of those alchemists, and the quality was even better than the ones those alchemists made, so there should be quite a lot of people who wanted to buy pills from her.

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And these people who bought her pills could be considered her support.
After all, if something happened to her, those people certainly wouldn’t be able to buy her pills again.

For the sake of the elixir, those buyers would more or less protect her.

Of course, that was just a temporary solution.
The real solution was to become stronger.

“Ah Yan, can you do me a favor?” Lu Zijia looked at the man next to her and asked seriously.

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Mu Tianyan frowned slightly, as if he was a bit speechless.
“I’ve said that I’ll support you no matter what you want to do, as long as you’re safe.

“So, stop being so polite with me, will you? My wife.”

Lu Zijia raised her hand and pinched his face in amusement as she nodded constantly with a smile.
“Alright, alright, it’s my fault.
I shouldn’t have been polite with you, my Ah Yan.”

As a single man, Mu Yunhao instantly felt a huge wave of affection coming at him.

The affection that his Second Master and Madame showed kept coming to him more and more, which really made him, a single man, almost overwhelmed!

Mu Tianyan, who was very satisfied with his wife’s attitude of apologizing, took the opportunity to kiss her sneakily.

Mu Yunhao, who was once again caught off guard by the public display of affection: “…”

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Lu Zijia pushed the head of the loyal dog away quietly and looked up at Mu Yunhao.
“Xiao Hao, help me spread the news of the sale of the pills here.
I’ll give the pills to you when the time comes.
Just sell them for me.”

Mu Yunhao was shocked in his mind and he subconsciously looked at Mu Tianyan.
Something immediately came to his mind and he immediately looked away, replying respectfully, “Yes, Madame.”

Lu Zijia nodded and said right away, “If our own people need them, I can offer them the pills first, but they can’t rely on the pills completely.”

Lu Zijia was very generous to her man’s subordinates, who were also her men.

“Yes, thank you, Madame.” Mu Yunhao was delighted in his mind and he couldn’t help showing excitement on his face.

The secret guards hiding in the dark also thanked her in unison emotionally.

Mu Tianyan didn’t object to what his wife did.
Instead, he was delighted.

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Because he knew that Lu Zijia only did that because she treated his subordinates as her own men.

At the same time, it also showed that Lu Zijia totally regarded herself as the Madame of the Mu family.
How could he not be delighted?

After staying at the old mansion of the Mu family for more than a week, Lu Zijia could finally go out and get some sunlight.

She originally wanted to go to the Du family to see her mother and the others, but she suddenly received a call from the Song family.

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