“Yeah, we’re lucky to have Master Lu’s help this time.
If it weren’t for Master Lu, we wouldn’t have found you so quickly.” Fang Yueqiu said while feeling both glad and grateful.

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After confirming that Lu Zijia really came to save him, Song Zixuan was delighted in his mind and he thought, “That despicable woman finally treats me as a friend.
I didn’t waste my time going to torture myself for nothing.”

“I’m finally out!” After exiting the basement, Song Zixuan’s eyes hurt a bit from the strong light outside, but he still widened his eyes.

For the past two days, he had been living in fear all the time, afraid that he would never be able to walk out of the dark basement.

“Brother Zixuan, Brother Zixuan, save me quickly.
Brother Zixuan, save me quickly!”

Ye Xinping, who was frozen by Lu Zijia at the door of the basement with the Immobilization Spell, begged in panic the moment she saw Song Zixuan.

However, to Song Zixuan, her begging sounded like the lethal voice of a ghost.
Song Zixuan immediately showed fear and instantly got goosebumps all over his body.

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“F*ck! Can you stop calling me? I’m going crazy!”

Song Zixuan, who finally couldn’t stand it anymore, shouted at Ye Xinping with a sullen face while gritting his teeth.

What the f*ck! He almost got a phobia of women because of her!

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Lu Zijia, who was standing on the side, sized up Song Zixuan, who looked messy, up and down.
“I think you’re pretty good.
This lady is so pretty.
You must like her a lot, right?”

Lu Zijia said with a faint smile, as if she was gloating.

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Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Song Zixuan immediately got furious.
“Good your ass! I almost died and you’re still shameless enough to gloat!”

Song Zixuan glared at Lu Zijia fiercely and put his hands on his waist, looking like he was gnashing his teeth in anger.

Couldn’t this despicable woman have a little sympathy? He almost lost his life, almost lost his life!

Lu Zijia shrugged, looking a bit innocent.
“You asked for it.
Who kept you from holding on?

“Tut-tut, since ancient times, beauty has always been bewitching.
Indeed, the ancient people weren’t lying.”

Fang Yueqiu and Song Zhuohai: “…” What Master Lu said seemed to make sense.

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“What do you mean I didn’t hold on? I was drugged and bewitched by her! How could I hold on?” Song Zixuan walked over and rolled his eyes angrily.

Lu Zijia glanced at him and said softly, “Really? You were drugged by this lady the first time you met her?”

“How is that possible?”

Song Zixuan blurted out.
When he met Ye Xinping for the first time, it was in the men’s bathroom.
He couldn’t possibly drink anything in the men’s washroom at that time, no matter how thirsty he was, could he?

Besides, which woman would be as perverted as her who waited for him in the men’s bathroom with a drink?

“What I meant was that she drugged me with the water in my car and got me…”

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Song Zixuan said as he thought of something and his voice gradually became softer.

In the end, he widened his eyes in disbelief and shock, then turned his head to look at Ye Xinping, who was looking at him with resentment, like a robot.

There was a slight tremor in her voice.
“She… She can’t be the bad, bad romance you mentioned before, right?”

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and asked instead of answering, “What do you think?”

Song Zixuan: “!!!” What the hell? Then, he really asked for it!

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