Lu Zijia: “…” This unlucky dumbass had a vivid imagination.

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Fang Yueqiu and Song Zhuohai: “…”

Seeing that her son seemed to be furious, Fang Yueqiu suddenly felt a bit guilty.
“Bastard, what are you talking about? Of course, you’re my son.

“Also, if you have nothing to do with her, you should explain.
How would I know if you don’t explain? Seriously, you brat, you make me worry.”

Song Zixuan, who thought he was even more aggrieved than Dou’e: “…”

He had been trying to explain just then, but his mother interrupted him again and again.

He must say that she was truly an awesome mother!

“Ah, you brat, aren’t you going to explain? Hurry up and explain!”

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After waiting for a while and seeing that her son still didn’t say anything, Fang Yueqiu immediately urged him anxiously.

The corners of Song Zixuan’s mouth twitched.
He didn’t want to explain anymore.
Could he surrender?

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However, under his mother’s gaze, Song Zixuan still told them what happened in the end.

It turned out that he met Ye Xinping at the banquet of the Gu family last time.

When Song Zixuan entered the men’s bathroom, he happened to see Ye Xinping, who was drunk, staggering out and almost falling down.
So, Song Zixuan subconsciously helped her up.

After helping her up, Song Zixuan wanted to walk away, but Ye Xinping pestered him.

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Feeling frustrated, Song Zixuan could only find Ye Xinping’s family at the banquet and ask them to take care of her.

He originally thought he wouldn’t see her again.
Unexpectedly, when Song Zixuan went out the next day, he happened to meet Ye Xinping at a restaurant.
Ye Xinping said she wanted to treat him to a meal to thank him.

However, Song Zixuan paid the bill in the end.

That night, Song Zixuan received a call from Ye Xinping, asking him out for dinner.

Song Zixuan rejected it with the excuse that he had something to do.
He was also confused as to why Ye Xinping had his phone number, because he had never given it to her.

On the third and fourth day, Song Zixuan and Ye Xinping happened to run into each other frequently.

Song Zixuan sensed that there was something wrong with Ye Xinping’s gaze when she looked at him.
He was afraid that he would meet her again when he went out, so he stayed at home and even turned off his phone.

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Song Zixuan only went out again after hiding for three days.
He had never thought that he would still “run into” Ye Xinping again.

Song Zixuan immediately wanted to drive away, but unexpectedly, Ye Xinping got into his car and asked him to give her a lift.
In the end, Song Zixuan had no choice but to drive her home.

While waiting for the traffic light on the way, Ye Xinping picked up a bottle of water in his car and gave it to him.
He thought that the water had always been in his car, so he drank it.


Thinking about how the water in his car was drugged at some point, Song Zixuan felt a bit frustrated.

Ye Xinping didn’t touch the bottle of water before she gave it to him.
He really didn’t understand how Ye Xinping drugged him.

After hearing their son’s description, Fang Yueqiu and Song Zhuohai couldn’t help frowning.

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The two of them looked at each other silently.
They both felt that someone might have set their son up deliberately.

After all, they had experienced this kind of thing a lot.

“Master Lu, is there… anything dirty on my son?”

Fang Yueqiu suddenly thought of something and her face immediately turned pale.
She quickly asked Lu Zijia.

Fang Yueqiu’s reaction could be described by the saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

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