Song Zixuan: “…” He was the victim.
Shouldn’t he be the pitiful one?

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However, after hearing his mother’s explanation, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but sigh with a tinge of emotion.

It turned out that Ye Xinping was mentally ill because of an accident.

Ye Xinping originally had a fiancé whom she had been in love with for many years, but he dumped her, who was pregnant, three years ago and got together with her best friend.

Ye Xinping didn’t believe that her boyfriend would abandon her, so she went to ask her boyfriend about it.
In the end, she happened to see her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend.

After suffering such a huge blow, Ye Xinping lost the baby.
After waking up, Ye Xinping still insisted that her boyfriend didn’t fall for another woman and insisted on getting discharged to find her boyfriend.

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Ye Xinping’s mother tried her best to stop Ye Xinping.
However, when they were pulling each other on the street, Ye Xinping accidentally pushed her mother onto the road and she was knocked away by the car instantly.

Even though Ye Xinping’s mother survived in the end, she became a brain-dead person and it was very likely that she wouldn’t wake up for the rest of her life.

The betrayal of her boyfriend, the betrayal of her best friend, the loss of the baby in her womb and the fact that she made her mother became a brain-dead person with her own hands, Ye Xinping’s started having mental issues after these few heavy blows.

After sending Ye Xinping to the mental hospital, her father, Ye Guozhi, had never cared about her anymore.

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Ye Xin was only discharged six months ago.

“However, even though Ye Guozhi doesn’t care about his daughter anymore, he took care of his wife who became a brain-dead person meticulously.
I think Ye Guozhi resents his daughter, Ye Xinping, for that.”

Fang Yueqiu sighed and shook her head emotionally.
“This incident back then caused a huge furor, so many people know about it.

“Your Dad and I even went to see Ye Xinping, but she was sick at that time, so your Dad and I only saw her from afar.
That’s why we didn’t recognize her just then.”

“So, son, you must not play with other girls’ feelings, or you’ll be committing a sin.” Fang Yueqiu warned her son again worriedly.

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Song Zixuan: “…” He had just gone through a disaster.
It was fine that his mother didn’t comfort him, but she even warned him.
Was she really not his biological mother?

“No, I also heard that Ye Xinping’s best friend was being dumped as well after that.
She even slit her wrist and killed herself in the end.” Fang Yueqiu continued to exclaim.

Song Zixuan: “…” He was still a virgin right now.
How could he play with other people’s feelings? Was it really good for his mother to scare him like this?

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered slightly, as if she thought of something.

“What’s the name of Ye Xinping’s boyfriend?” Lu Zijia suddenly asked.

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Fang Yueqiu was first startled, then she shook her head.
“I don’t know about that, but if Master Lu wants to know, I can ask around.”

Fang Yueqiu said as she was about to take out her phone to ask her close friend, but Lu Zijia stopped her.
“No, I’m just asking.”

Song Zixuan looked at Lu Zijia doubtfully.
Just asking? Was she really just asking?

This despicable woman never said irrelevant things.
There must be something fishy going on.

However, before he asked, Lu Zijia requested to get out of the car at the corner.

Song Zhuohai and his wife tried their best to ask Lu Zijia to stay for dinner, but Lu Zijia still rejected them.

After getting out of the car, Lu Zijia called Luo Baode and returned to Ye Xinping’s villa.

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