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Ye Xinping nodded carefully and said quickly again, “But if you want to know, I can ask my father.
My father might know.”

Lu Zijia nodded and acquiesced to it.
“What do you want me to help you with?”

Even though she wasn’t satisfied with what Ye Xinping did to lure her here, she didn’t want to miss out on the information about the Half Spirit Stone.

Besides, she had already taught Ye Xinping a lesson, so they were considered even.

Hearing that Lu Zijia was willing to help her, Ye Xinping immediately looked excited and thanked Lu Zijia continuously, “Thank you, Master, thank you.”

Then, Ye Xinping told Lu Zijia everything honestly.

It turned out that after knowing what Lu Zijia was capable of at the banquet of the Gu family last time, Ye Xinping had already thought of asking Lu Zijia for help.

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However, Ye Xinping was afraid that someone would keep an eye on her, so she could only get close to Lu Zijia through Song Zixuan.

However, after approaching Song Zixuan a few times, she found that Song Zixuan didn’t meet Lu Zijia much and Song Zixuan was even avoiding her.
Feeling helpless, she could only drug Song Zixuan and try to lure Lu Zijia over.

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In fact, she succeeded.

She was afraid that Lu Zijia would know about her plan, so she could only continue playing dumb.
When Lu Zijia was about to leave with the members of the Song family, she wanted to ask Lu Zijia to stay.

However, she was shocked to find that she couldn’t speak at that moment and she couldn’t even move her feet.

She only regained the ability to talk and could move her legs when the car disappeared.

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The strange activity made Ye Xinping even more convinced that Lu Zijia was quite capable, but at the same time, she was also very anxious.

Because if Lu Zijia was gone, she didn’t know how she could see Lu Zijia again.

But before she could come up with another solution, Lu Zijia came back.

This made her surprised and frightened at the same time.

Because she knew that Taoist Masters couldn’t be provoked.
If she angered them, she might suffer so much that she would rather die than to live.

However, her current situation was no different from living a life worse than death.

So, she risked her life to admit that she set Lu Zijia up.

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Luckily, she made the right bet.

And the reason she wanted Lu Zijia’s help was to confirm if her boyfriend was really her boyfriend three years ago.

It turned out that Ye Xinping had a very good relationship with her boyfriend three years ago and they were already at the point where they started talking about getting married.

However, everything changed completely after Ye Xinping’s boyfriend came back for a business trip.

He changed so much that Ye Xinping felt unfamiliar.
Sometimes, Ye Xinping even suspected that they were two people.

Since then, their relationship had gotten worse and worse, either fighting with each other or not being on speaking terms.

After a while, Ye Xinping’s boyfriend broke up with her.
What happened next was just like what Fang Yueqiu said before.

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And Ye Xinping did have some mental problems three years ago, and she only recovered completely a year ago.

“Why do you think that person wasn’t your original boyfriend?” After hearing what she said, Lu Zijia stayed silent for a while and asked with raised eyebrows.

Ye Xin’s eyes immediately turned red and she clenched her fists tightly, as if she was trying her best to repress something.
“I felt it.
I believe what I feel.

“Master, I’m begging you.
Please, please help me!

“My boyfriend, whom I believe in, would definitely not do something like dumping me.
He would definitely not do that to me.
Master, please, please help me!”

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