Hearing that, Lu Zijia’s eyes brightened.
“Alright, then quickly take a picture with your phone!”

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After Mu Yi and the others took a photo, Lu Zijia suddenly remembered something.
“Right, the news about the sale of pills here has been released, right? Did anyone come to buy them?”

Even though the news was only released yesterday, pills were a great temptation to both Martial Artists and sorcerers.
The news of having pills for sale here should spread very quickly, right?

However, after hearing what she said, the expressions of Mu Yi and the others became a bit weird.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Zijia saw that something was wrong with them and she asked in confusion.

The other guards looked at Mu Yi at the same time.
Apparently, they wanted Mu Yi to be the representative.

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Mu Yi, who was given heavy responsibilities by his brothers: “…”

Lu Zijia: “???” Why did these people have such a weird reaction? Could it be that selling pills was a very difficult thing for them? But weren’t pills hard to find?

Even in the cultivation world, the supply of pills couldn’t meet the demand.
Besides, the quality of her pills was even better than that of the pills in this world.

Could it be that the difficulty of selling pills was higher in a different world?

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Under Lu Zijia’s gaze, Mu Yi still braced himself and explained, “Madame, we’ve already spread the news of the sale of the pills as you asked, but… everyone who heard the news said…”

Seeing a man like Mu Yi stuttering, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless.
She repressed the urge to beat him up and asked, “What did they say?”

“They said the news was a lie.
They even said…”

Mu Yi observed Lu Zijia’s expression.
After seeing that she wasn’t enraged, he continued, “They even said that even if there are pills, they’re just fake pills made with mud balls.
Only a fool would believe that there are real pills.

“And the person who thought of using mud balls to pretend to be pills is also… a fool…”

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What was even more ridiculous was that they said their Second Master was muddled, letting this arrogant little girl fool around.

Of course, there were also people who said that their Second Master went crazy because he wanted pills so bad.
That was why he released such ridiculous news.

There were also people who guessed that their Second Master would release this news because he was conspiring something and might even be trying to kill someone for treasure.

Mu Yi and the others felt very speechless about the guesses of the outsiders.
They would explain a bit at first, but people thought they were just guilty.

So, they simply shut their mouths and didn’t explain, letting things develop.

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Anyway, their pills were so good that they didn’t even have enough for themselves! If those people didn’t believe it, then let them be.
They would regret it in the future after all!

The real alchemist, Lu Zijia, who was called a fool by outsiders: “!!!” What the hell! Those people’s imaginations were too vivid!

Using udballs as pills? Only those people could think of that! And they even said she was a fraud and a fool! This was simply… unreasonable!

“Have you never thought of taking a pill on the spot to demonstrate the effect?” Lu Zijia said a bit gloomily.

She was a real alchemist, but she was treated as a fraud and a fool.
This was truly… a unique experience!

Mu Yi and the others nodded at the same time with great tacit understanding.
“We’ve tried, but those people still don’t believe us.
We even offered a pill for free for people to try, but no one was willing to.”

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