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Ye Xinping clenched her fists subconsciously and her body even started to tremble slightly.
Her already pale face immediately turned as pale as paper.

“No, no, no, impossible, impossible! My Brother Zixuan wouldn’t be dead.
No, no!

“Master, you must be mistaken.
Right, there must be something wrong.

“Master, I’m begging you.
I’m begging you.
Zixuan wouldn’t be dead.
He’s definitely not dead.
Please save Zixuan.
Master, I’m begging you to save Zixuan!”

Facing such a cruel truth, Ye Xinping couldn’t and wasn’t willing to accept it.

Lu Zijia sighed silently.
“Feng Zixuan is already dead.
He died three years ago, so he didn’t abandon you or betray you.

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“If you want to find his skeleton, I can give you a location.”

Lu Zijia didn’t tell Ye Xinping that Feng Zixuan, who came back from a business trip three years ago, was a skinless ghost with his skin.

The man she loved was skinned alive even after he passed away.
If Ye Xinping knew the truth, she would probably suffer a greater blow!

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“No… Brother Zixuan, my Brother Zixuan wouldn’t be dead.
No, no, no… Master, please save my Brother Zixuan, please, Master…”

Ye Xinping, who suffered a huge blow, sat on the ground weakly.
She had already burst into tears and she kept begging.

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However, even though she said Feng Zixuan wasn’t dead, she didn’t let go of the brocade pouch at all.

Apparently, she knew clearly in her mind that what Lu Zijia said was true.
The man she had loved for so many years was truly dead.

“The dead can’t be reborn after they die.” Lu Zijia could only reply to Ye Xinping’s pleading with this remark.

If Feng Zixuan’s spirit was still here, she might be able to let them meet again.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t sense the existence of Feng Zixuan’s spirit through his human skin and ashes.

In such a situation, there were only two possibilities.

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One was that Feng Zixuan had already gone to the underworld to be reincarnated.
The other was that it was swallowed by the skinless ghost.

In either of these two situations, it was already impossible for Ye Xinping to see Feng Zixuan again in this life, no matter what.

In the end, Lu Zijia gave Ye Xinping a location and left.

Two hours after Lu Zijia left, Ye Xinping ran out of the villa crazily and took a taxi to A City, holding the seemingly ordinary brocade pouch tightly in her hand.

That night, the news in A City reported that a skeleton was dug out at the unfinished construction site of the Feng Group.

And that skeleton was Feng Zixuan, the only son of the CEO of the Feng Group!

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As soon as this news report came out, it immediately attracted a lot of attention, and Feng Kun and his wife, who received the news, even rushed to A City overnight.
After confirming the DNA that it was really their son, they couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked and burst into tears at the same time.

After knowing that their son had already been dead for three years, Feng Kun and his wife understood that their son, who had been with them these three years, was a complete fraud!

The two of them hated the person who killed their son.
They immediately called the cops and asked them to catch the imposter.
Unfortunately, the cops couldn’t find him.

A rich young master was murdered by someone and that person even took his identity for three years.
People who saw this news couldn’t help sighing endlessly.

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