After Lu Zijia solved Ye Xinping’s problem, she went back to Mu family to take photos of the pills she made and uploaded them to the online store that she had just registered.

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Lu Zijia didn’t know how to make webpages, so she didn’t bother to do it.

People who had a good taste wouldn’t think that the pills she was selling were fake just because of the webpage.

However, a few days had passed.
Apart from the click fraud by her man, Mu Yunhao and the others, no one else made an order.
Lu Zijia only felt bad about this.

Ah… What was wrong with this world? Pills were supposed to be difficult to find.
Why did nobody want them when she was selling them?

Lu Zijia, who was frustrated, decided to go to the Du Group and check out the sales performance, looking for comfort.

After all, she was the one who made the whitening ointment and the acne removal ointment.
If the sales were good, it meant that her products were totally fine!

So, the taste of those lousy Martial Artists and sorcerers couldn’t even compare to that of ordinary people!

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Along the way, Lu Zijia complained about those ignorant Martial Artists and sorcerers indignantly for her pills.

She totally forgot that she was also a sorcerer in the eyes of others right now…

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At Three Treasures Company.

“Knock, knock.”

Du Jinqian, who was sitting in the General Manager’s office, couldn’t help but pinch the middle of his eyebrows when he heard the knocking sound.
“Come in.”

“Manager, Miss Zhong is here to see you again.” A female secretary pushed open the door and reported with a slightly embarrassed look.

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Miss Zhong mentioned by the female secretary was Zhong Qingran, who divorced Du Jinqian two months ago.

During this week, Zhong Qingran had already come to the office three times.
She came for Du Jinqian, but Du Jinqian didn’t see her.

This time was certainly no exception.

However, the female secretary looked like she was in a difficult position.
“Manager, Miss Zhong made a fuss at the door of our company this time and insisted on seeing you.
She even said that if she didn’t see you today, she would keep causing trouble at our company.

“I’ve already asked the security guards to send her away, but she directly sat on the ground and even said that our security guards harassed her.

“Manager, should I call the police?”

Hearing that, Du Jinqian frowned deeply with obvious impatience and disgust in his eyes.

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Zhong Qingran agreed to divorce him before because she was certain that the Du family wouldn’t hang on any longer.

However, not only did the Du family come back from the dead right now, their new products had also become completely popular in just two weeks.
Their popularity was soaring like a rocket.

Anyone who had no problem with their eyes would be able to see that it was inevitable that the Du family would rise again.

There was even a huge possibility that they would surpass the Du family’s glorious peak back then!

And when Zhong Qingran came to find him at this time, Du Jinqian more or less guessed what she was up to.

“Let her come up.” Du Jinqian said to the female secretary.

The sales of their company’s products were very good right now.
It was common for them to run out of stock, so he was very busy and had no time to be disturbed by Zhong Qingran every day, so he wanted to solve the problem at once.

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At the same time, he also wanted to know if it was the idea of Zhong Qingran’s father or hers that she insisted on coming to see him.

“Yes, Manager.”

The female secretary left the office.

A while later, the office door was suddenly pushed open.


Zhong Qingran pushed open the office door without knocking and walked in, calling Du Jinqian very naturally.

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