Hearing how she addressed him, Du Jinqian frowned and said with an obvious coldness, “Miss Zhong, we’re already divorced.
Please mind your words.”

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Du Jinqian’s coldness made Zhong Qingran’s expression stiff, but she soon returned to normal.

“Jinqian, are you still mad at me?”

Zhong Qingran walked over and stood in front of the desk, looking at Du Jinqian with a pitiful look.

Du Jinqian closed the documents in his hands and leaned back on the chair.
“Tell me, what exactly are you here for?”

Du Jinqian, who had been sleeping in the same bed with him for many years, was already used to Zhong Qingran’s change of attitude, so he wasn’t surprised at all.

“Can’t I come to find you for no reason?”

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Seeing Du Jinqian’s indifferent attitude, Zhong Qingran was furious in her mind, but she had to maintain a weak look on the outside.

Du Jinqian looked away and stopped looking at her.
“If there’s nothing else, please go out, Miss Zhong.
I’m very busy.
I don’t have time for you to waste.

“Besides, we’re already divorced and we have nothing to do with each other now.
Please don’t disturb me or my family again.”

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Du Jinqian said and put up an attitude like he was asking her to leave.

Zhong Qingran’s expression became sullen and her tone unconsciously became a bit sharp.
“Jinqian, I know you’re still angry with me.

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“But I was so angry at that time that I got muddled.
That’s why I agreed to divorce you.
Jinqian, I know I was wrong.
Let’s remarry!”

After divorcing Du Jinqian and returning to her parents’ home, Zhong Qingran’s life wasn’t as good as she imagined.

After knowing that she divorced Du Jinqian, her parents, who used to love her, scolded her and her sister-in-law even ridiculed her afterwards.

Her parents saw all of this, but they had no intention of protecting her at all.

While she was furious, she also felt aggrieved, but she still didn’t want to leave home.

After divorcing Du Jinqian, even though she got all his property, there wasn’t much and it was only enough for about a year.
So, even if she felt aggrieved, she wouldn’t move out of her parents’ house.

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After knowing that the Du family was revived, she immediately thought of remarrying Du Jinqian.

Unfortunately, she was stopped outside the company the few times she came for Du Jinqian before.

She finally got to see Du Jinqian today.
She wouldn’t give up so easily no matter what!

Hearing what Zhong Qingran said that seemed to be sincere, Du Jinqian, who had always been gentle, showed a look of ridicule on his face.

“Miss Zhong, if the Du Group didn’t revive today, would you still come to request remarriage?”

Du Jinqian knew very well what kind of person his ex-wife was.
And precisely because of that, what Zhong Qingran said only sounded especially ironic and ridiculous in his ears.

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Zhong Qingran’s expression changed slightly, but she said, “Of course.
Jinqian, you know that I love you.
I’ve always loved you so much.
How would I bear to leave you?

“Divorcing you was really just a moment of anger for me.
Jinqian, please forgive me this time, for the sake of our relationship after so many years, alright?”

Zhong Qingran said as she walked around the office desk to Du Jinqian, trying to reach out to grab his hand.

However, Du Jinqian dodged it.

“Zhong Qingran, have I not forgiven you enough times?”

There was a hint of anger in Du Jinqian’s voice.
“Do you still need me to tell you how you helped your family set the Du family up all these years?”

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