The onlookers: “…”

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Luckily, this man was lifted from behind.
If he was lifted from the front, Ye Nanxi’s kick wouldn’t have just hit his butt, right?

Lu Zijia had no intention of killing anyone, so she certainly wouldn’t strangle Huang Shenghui to death.

As Ye Nanxi spoke, she also threw him on the ground.
Her actions could definitely be considered rough.

People around looked at Lu Zijia.
Their astonishment they had at first was completely gone.
Instead, it turned into fear.

A seemingly skinny young lady lifted a 170 to 180kg man easily with one hand.
That scene was extremely eye-catching!

“Ahem… Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

After being thrown to the ground, Huang Shenghui didn’t care about the pain in his body.
He sat on the ground and started coughing violently, looking extremely messy.

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“You… This is murder.
You’re trying to kill me.
I’m going to call the cops.
I’m going to call the cops and send you to jail!”

When he finally caught his breath, Huang Shenghui immediately shouted furiously.
He glared at Lu Zijia fiercely, as if he couldn’t wait to tear her apart.

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However, Lu Zijia didn’t even change her expression when facing evil spirits.
How would she possibly be scared by his gaze?

Lu Zijia glanced at him coldly and looked away.

It was fine if he wasn’t not willing to tell her the truth now.
When the police arrived later, he would definitely be willing to talk..

“Haha, murder? Who wants to kill a scumbag like you? Her hands will be dirty if she kills you!”

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Ye Nanxi couldn’t stand seeing her idol being slandered, so she immediately stood out to defend her with her hands on her waist.

“Also, you were strangled by your own clothes.
If you were really dead, it was your own clothes that strangled you! Your clothes should be the ones to go to jail!”

The onlookers: “…”

What she said was truly ruthless… It made them speechless for a moment.

Ye Nanxi also knew that what she said wasn’t reasonable, but she didn’t care about it.
She just wanted to protect her idol.

“You…!” Huang Shenghui was enraged by her.
He got up and wanted to hit her.

“Come on, if you dare to hit me, I’ll stand still and let you hit me.
Let’s see who’ll be the one who suffers in the end!”

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Ye Nanxi wasn’t afraid of him anymore.
She didn’t dodge when she saw him wave his hand, but even went closer.

She looked totally irritating.

As expected, Huang Shenghui was so enraged by Ye Nanxi’s shameless behavior that his face became distorted.

Seeing that time had passed and the police were about to arrive, Huang Shenghui put down his hands one after another and wanted to leave again after saying something harsh.


“Bang! Ouch!”

Huang Shenghui had just turned around and hadn’t even taken a step when he suddenly tripped and fell to the ground with his face facing down, making a clear muffled sound.

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Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help gasping together, feeling a bit painful for him.

Everyone tilted their heads at the same time, trying to see how Huang Shenghui’s face was.

Huang Shenghui also seemed to be stunned by the fall.
After a while, he finally raised his head.

“Blood, blood, blood, blood! I’m bleeding.
My nose, my nose is crooked!”

Feeling the sharp pain on his forehead and nose, Huang Shenghui raised his hand and wiped them.
Feeling the blood on his hand, he was immediately frightened.
After noticing that his nose was crooked, he even screamed in pain.


After hearing Huang Shenghui say that his nose was crooked, the onlookers didn’t pity him and even couldn’t help laughing.

However, they were afraid that they would be dragged in, so they immediately covered their mouths and didn’t dare to laugh out loud again.

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