What Huang Shenghui said was apparently putting all the responsibility on the mastermind behind this.

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Even though Ye Nanxi had already guessed that someone was deliberately setting her up, she still couldn’t help feeling furious after hearing it with her own ears right now.

Even though she had a bit of a bad temper, she never took the initiative to make enemies with people.
She really couldn’t think of anyone who was so vicious as to destroy her career as a celebrity!

“Who is that person?” Ye Nanxi asked with a sullen face.

“I don’t know that person’s name, but I’ve seen her on TV.
She’s a female celebrity with short hair and a pointy face.
The variety show you participated in with her has been shown on TV recently!”

In order to prove that what he said was true, Huang Shenghui tried his best to describe the mastermind in detail.

“Someone with short hair who participated in a variety show with me?”

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Ye Nanxi tried hard to recall the variety shows she had participated in and the short-haired female celebrity she had worked with.

Soon, she seemed to have thought of something.
She quickly unlocked her phone and searched for a photo of a female celebrity.

“Is it her?” Ye Nanxi showed the photo to Huang Shenghui and asked.

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“Right, that’s her, it’s this woman!”

Seeing the photo, Huang Shenghui’s eyes immediately brightened and he immediately pointed her out.

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“Hu Jingqiao, I didn’t expect it to be her.”

After Huang Shenghui confirmed it, a hint of disbelief appeared on Ye Nanxi’s face.

Because in her impression, Hu Jingqiao was a very helpful person, just like a caring sister.
She had never thought… Indeed, people’s minds were unpredictable!

Even though Huang Shenghui exposed the mastermind, he was still brought back to the police station in the end.

Lu Zijia and the others also went to the police station to give their statements.

Ye Nanxi felt very sorry about this and she kept apologizing along the way.

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Lu Zijia didn’t care about that.
After all, it was just a coincidence.

When Lu Zijia and Ye Nanxi came out of the police station, those reporters who were still waiting immediately rushed forward.

“Sister Nanxi, do you know why Hu Jingqiao hired someone to slander you? Have you had any conflicts with her?”

“Right, Sister Nanxi, you seem to get along quite well on the show.
Why did you suddenly become enemies?”

“Sister Nanxi, is this lady with you your friend? Why do you call her master?”

“Right, Sister Nanxi, that’s how you address a Taoist Master, right? Is your friend a Taoist Master?”

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“Yeah, I even heard your friend say that the man is from a poor family and he’s a gangster.
I asked my colleague to check just then and found that the man is really a gangster.
This shouldn’t be a coincidence, right?”

Ye Nanxi was about to answer the reporter’s question when she heard those reporters change the subject to her idol.
She immediately became excited.

However, Ye Nanxi still held herself back temporarily.
She lowered her voice and asked for Lu Zijia’s permission before answering those reporters’ questions happily.

“That’s right.
Master Lu is a Taoist Master.
She’s also my friend and idol.
Let me tell you, Master Lu is very impressive.
Master Lu helped me deal with the trouble I encountered last time.

“Also, Master Lu is the one who developed the recently popular whitening facial masks and acne removal solution.
Master Lu is simply the idol of all women!”

Ye Nanxi got more and more excited as she spoke, as if she was the one who was impressive and the person who developed those popular skincare products.

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