hat she repaid her.

Watching Zhang Junning leave, Ye Nanxi couldn’t help but exclaim.
This must be what her father meant when he said, “There must be gains and losses!”

However, she suddenly didn’t want any “gains” anymore.
What should she do?

While Ye Nanxi was laughing wryly, Lu Zijia, who found an order on her online stores after returning to the Mu family, was in a very good mood.

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Even though the other party only ordered one Vitality Pill, it was still better than having no business, right?

Besides, as long as someone dared to try it, there would definitely be someone who came back to buy more.
By then, there would naturally be more people who knew what was good.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia delivered the goods to the first customer of her online store as quickly as possible.

When Lu Zijia was setting up the online store, she had already learned from Mu Yunhao how to get someone to deliver the products.
So, even though it was the first time she called for delivery, she didn’t make any mistakes.

Meanwhile, inside a towering mountain.

In one of the rooms in a huge, ancient house.

A man in his early twenties was staring at the computer in front of him with frustration.

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“Ahhh!! I just took a call.
Why did my hand suddenly slip? If I return the product now, will it be too late? Will I be blacklisted?”

Looking at the item that had already been delivered, Zhang Munian suddenly had the urge to cry.

500,000 yuan, he actually bought a Vitality Pill that he knew was fake at first glance with 500,000 yuan.
If his father knew about this, he would definitely scold him for being a prodigal again.

However, he was truly wronged this time.
He was even more wronged than Dou’e.
If it weren’t for his brother calling him, why would he suddenly make the order?

No, this cost 500,000 yuan, which was almost his entire fortune.
Even if he would be blacklisted, he had to return it!

Thinking of this, Zhang Munian controlled the mouse to click on the return button, but…

“F*ck! Why can’t I return it? Once delivered, no return is allowed? F*ck, f*ck, this is a knock-off shop.
It’s definitely a knock-off shop!”

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