Hearing what Mu Shiyou said, the expressions of Mu Qi and the others immediately became sullen.

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If it weren’t because of Mu Shiyou’s identity and they didn’t want to cause trouble for their Second Master, they would have already started fighting with Mu Shiyou.

“What are you doing?”

While Mu Qi and the others were feeling indignant, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind them.

They turned around and saw that it was indeed their Madame.

Mu Qi’s eyes glittered and he immediately told her what happened, pointing at Mu Shiyou at the same time.
“Madame, you came just in time.
She called Second Master a piece of trash.”

Mu Shiyou was quite talented.
She was probably more powerful than any of them right now.

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If they were to fight, they probably wouldn’t end well.

However, it would be different if Madame fought with her.
Madame might not be stronger than them, but her movements were unpredictable and she could often win by surprise.

They admired her from the bottom of their hearts.

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Lu Zijia blinked and looked up at Mu Shiyou who was standing high above.
She tilted her head and said in confusion, “You called my man a piece of trash? Why?”

Seeing Lu Zijia’s harmless look, the corners of Mu Qi and the others couldn’t help twitching.
Madame really liked to play dumb!

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However, Madame did it very successfully.

As expected, Mu Shiyou only glanced at her coldly with disgust in her eyes.
“Get out of my way!”

Lu Zijia smiled.
“Sure, but you must demonstrate it to me once, or I won’t move.”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she suddenly jumped up and shot at Mu Shiyou like a cannonball.
She was so fast that Mu Shiyou couldn’t fight back at all and could only protect her heart.

“Bang! Poof!”

Lu Zijia used 100% of her internal energy to make the attack and she knocked Mu Shiyou away, making Mu Shiyou her spurt out a mouthful of blood in the air.

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Lu Zijia could sense Mu Shiyou’s strength.
Mu Shiyou was at level four of Ancient Martial Arts and she was only at the peak of the second level of Qi practicing.
Even if she could challenge someone beyond her level, she was still weaker than Mu Shiyou.

So, she could only take the initiative while the other party was unaware.

Before Mu Shiyou could react, Lu Zijia continued to chase after her.
At the same time, she called out the golden pagoda and threw it at Mu Shiyou.

“Argh! Master, you can’t do this.
I’m a cat now, a cat! How can you treat a cat so violently? Master, you’re so bad!”

The golden pagoda, which was suddenly thrown out, immediately screamed and complained about its master at the same time.

“So what if I’m violent? If I don’t win today, I’ll make you into stew directly!” Lu Zijia threatened it fiercely.

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The golden pagoda was truly becoming more and more talkative.

“Argh! Master, you’re so cruel! You want to eat cats! I don’t want to be made into a stew!”

The golden pagoda, which was stimulated by its master, immediately showed its sharp claws when it was getting close to Mu Shiyou and scratched her cold, arrogant face.


The pain on Mu Shiyou’s left cheek made her scream and she covered her face subconsciously.

When she felt the moisture on her hand and smelled the smell of blood, Mu Shiyou’s expression became ferocious for a second.

This bastard dared to scratch.
It dared to scratch her face.
It deserved to die! It deserved to die!

Mu Shiyou was extremely furious.
She raised the long sword in her hand and slashed at the golden pagoda, as if she wanted to cut it in half.

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